Helen Boyer surveyed glanced up at the clock on the classroom wall and with a couple of hard raps on her desk with the butt end of a ruler, quickly brought her fifth period Human Sexuality and Family Planning class to order!!! "Okay everyone," she ordered, "please open your books to chapter eleven, page two hundred fifty two, today we're going to be discussing condoms and when we should be using them!!!" "Now, how many of you use condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse, please raise your hands!?!" "Well, that's almost all of you, but a few of you didn't raise your hands," she continued, "and I think it would be helpful if those of you who don't use condoms tell us why, so we'll start with you Judy, can you tell us why you and your boy friend aren't using condoms during sex!?!"

With a slight look of embarrassment on her face, Judy offered, "Well, uh, you see my boy friend says it doesn't feel as good when he wears one, and frankly, I have to admit that when he ejaculates, I love feeling his hot sperm filling me up!!!" "Several of the other girls in the room were nodding in agreement at Judy's assessment, when a thin blonde raised her hand and chimed in with, "For me it's a little different, when my boy friend and I are having intercourse and he's just about ready to ejaculate, he almost always pulls out and shoots his sperm all over my belly and breasts, so if he was wearing a condom he couldn't shoot it on me!!!" Miss Boyer nodded her head and added, "Well girls, those are two very good reasons for not wearing a condom, does anyone else have anything to add before we go on with the lesson!?!" A shy girl in the back row, slowly raised her hand and almost whispered, "I have a good reason too, Miss Boyer!!!" "Good, Alicia," Miss Boyer replied, "would you like to share it with us please!?!" With her head bowed from embarrassment, the eighteen year old replied, "My boy friend has a beautiful penis that's over nine inches long and very thick when he's erect, and well uh, you see I just love giving him oral sex and sometimes when he's just about ready to cum in my mouth, he'll pull out his penis, push me down, and then quickly mount and fuck me, so if we had to take the time to put on a condom the whole purpose of a quick hard fuck would be lost!!!" Upon hearing Alicia describing in great detail her boy friend's huge cock and intimate details of their sex life, at least half of the class began breathing shallowly while crossing and uncrossing their legs!!! "My goodness, Alicia," Miss Boyer stammered, "and who is your boyfriend, he sounds like a superman!?!"