"Hi, Mrs. Cameron," Jason said while entering the foyer of the Cameron house, "is Zoey home from college yet!?!" "She's up in her room with Sky," Julie Cameron replied, "she said to just send you up when you got here!!!" Thanks, Mrs. C," he replied while taking off up the stairs to her room on the second floor!!! "Knock first," Julie Cameron yelled after him, "I thought I could hear a lot of moaning and groaning coming from up there, "don't barge in on them, okay!?!" "Sure thing," he yelled back, "I'll knock first, don't worry!!!" Jason stood outside of Zoey's room at the far end of the hall, and just as her mother had predicted there was indeed a lot of noise coming from behind the door, so after looking around to make sure no one else was around, he silently pushed it open just enough to peek inside!!! "Oh god, I missed this," Zoey sighed while Sky gently lapped at her blonde muffy, "you have the softest tongue of anyone I know, and the most talented too!!!" That was Jason's cue to go inside, and in a half hurt voice he offered, "And to think I thought you liked my tongue the best!!!"

"Jason," Zoey yelped happily, "when did you get home!?!" "Just about and hour ago," he replied while sitting down on the edge of the bed, "and I must say you two are looking good, so please, don't let me interrupt you, go back to what you were doing!!!" Both girls giggled at Jason's play on words, but before she could comment, Zoey moaned loudly as Sky's hot mouth pressed hard into her drooling slit, causing her to gasp while bucking her hips forward!!! Jason sat by quietly while Sky sucked on Zoey's hot pussy, but his attention was momentarily diverted when the door swung open and Mrs. Cameron slipped inside while saying, "I told you these two were going at it hot and heavy," Julie Cameron chuckled, while plopping down next to Jason and caressing his dick through his pants, "why do't you get that big thing out of there and let me have a little taste, okay!?!"

Jason was more than happy to take Mrs. C up on her offer, because from past experience he knew that she was a cocksucker deluxe, and while some men may have been able to resist her advances he certainly wasn't one of them!!! "Oh my, Jason," she sighed as his dick popped out of his shorts, "you've grown since the last time I sucked you, college life must agree with you!!!" "Yes ma'am," he sighed as the forty five year old cock hound inhaled his hard pecker, "mmmmmmm, you are a true cocksucker, Mrs. C, I guess it must run in the family!!!" "I heard that," Zoey chuckled, "you wouldn't be talking about me behind my back would you!?!" "Of course not," he said laughing, "I didn't say behind your back at all, I said it right up front!!!" Sky lifted her head away from Zoey's gooey hole, and with a wink at Julie Cameron offered, "Whataya say we suck these two loud mouths off and shut them up for good!?!" "That's an excellent plan, dear," Julie Cameron replied, "let's make 'em scream!!!"