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Peg knew that struggling was hopeless when John got her in his powerful grasp, but the insistent caressing of her boobs and the nibbling on her ear had swept away any last vestiages of resistance, so when he leaned her over the trunk of their car and jerked down her jeans and panties, she not only helped him kick them off and away from her, she willingly spread her leads while begging him to take her!!! "Oh god, John," she moaned as his thick pecker pressed ferevently inside of her now drenched pussy, "you're a fucking machine, h-how do you do it!?!" "I just stare at your big ass and tits and it just happens," he whispered while biting her on the neck, "and you know how much I love your pussy!!!" For the next five minutes John Burton literally attacked his wife's pussy with a series of vicious thrusts that boardered on the brutal, but in the end, she begged him to fuck her harder while her pussy spasmed hard as a shower of orgasms rained down on her vagina, leaving her a wasted hot bitch on the cold garage floor!!!