"How was that, baby," Vern asked his wife, Pam as he rolled of her rolled off of her after an almost one hour fuck-a-thon!?! "Oh, honey," she cooed softly while stretching her sleek body, "it was really wonderful, I came at least a hundred times!!!" "Good," he said with a laugh while leaning over and kissing her on the cheek, "cuz if you need anymore you're outta luck, I'm one dead puppy!!!" A few minutes later the only sound you could hear was Vern's soft even snoring as he drifted off to dream land leaving Pam lying there awake with her pussy ticking away like a time bomb!!!

"How's it going, Pam," Barb asked while she climbed into the car for her daily ride to work, "you look beat!?!" "I am," Pam replied while pulling smoothly away from the curb, "I was awake half the night!!!" "Don't tell me he left you hanging again," Barb asked incredulously!?! "Well, it's really my own fault," Pam replied, "we make love for a solid hour and I still didn't feel fulfilled, you can't blame Vern for that!!!" The two of them rode along in silence until Barb offered, "I probably should have said something earlier, but I think I may have a solution to your problem!!!" Pam straightened up a little and replied a little sarcastically, "What are you gonna do, suck my pussy for me, oh come on, Barb, there's nothing anyone can do for me!!!" "Don't be too sure about that," Barb quickly, "there's more than one way to skin a cat ya know!!!" "Okay," Pam replied impatiently, "if you're so smart, stop beating around the bush and give me the answer to all of my problems!!!" "A little touchy, aren't we," Barb answered a little sullenly!?! Pam slumped her shoulders a bit and commented softly, "I'm sorry, Barb, it's just that this is driving me nuts, and believe me, if you have can solve my problem I'll be eternally grateful!!!"