"You will be very sorry for you insubordination, young lady," Sir Jason said softly while tying the frightened woman's hands ankles and wrists to each corner of the large heavy table, leaving her naked body in the classic spread eagle position of submission, "and you will surely rue the day you disobeyed me, yes indeed, you surely will!!!" The cool air contacting her bare breasts immediately caused her large pink nipples to erect involuntarily, a sure sign to her master that she was indeed in need of severe punishment!!! While running his hands roughly over her pliable body he commented softly, "What did I tell you last week, dear, what was the last thing I told you, do you remember!?!" As the tension between her legs grew more intense by the second, she replied weakly, "Y-you said to make sure that I shaved my vagina smooth everyday, and that if I didn't you were going to punish me!!!" "And did you follow my instructions," he asked while twisting her nipples so hard it brought a wince to her face?!? "I-I tired to," she stammered, "but I guess I forgot to shave it this morning, but it's pretty smooth, I can hardly feel any stubble at all!!" In a hard tone he replied evenly, "Well, my dear, I think the operative word there is hardly!!!"

Leaving her for a moment, he opened up a drawer in a cabinet at the other end of the room and filled a tray with variety of items, some of them she figured to be metal as they clanked when dropped onto the tray!!! He quickly returned to her side and placed the tray next to her, which out of the corner of her eye she could see held items that definitely promised to be quite painful when used on soft skin!!! Craning her neck for a better look she asked warily, "What are you going to do with those!?!" "You mean these," he asked while picking up a pair of chrome alligator clips!?! "Y-yes," she stammered as pang of fear and anxiety coursed through her, "please, don't hurt me!!!" "But my child," he replied smoothly, "what fun would it be if I didn't hurt you, while casually clipping one of the jagged toothed little clamps to her hard nipple!!! "Oh, god," she gasped, "p-please, take it off, I can't stand it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, it hurts so badly!!!" "But of course it does," he said with an evil smile, "and after I put this one on, it will hurt twice as much!!!"