"All right class," Miss Eddy admonished her all girl's senior high home economics class, "the bell rang over a minute ago, please take your seats so we can get started!!!" After everyone was in her seat and quiet, Miss Eddy began, "Now this is an important chapter we're beginning today, so I want to make sure that you all pay very close attention to what we discuss and do, because this is information you'll be using for the rest of your adult lives, is that clear!?!" With twenty heads nodding in agreement, Miss Eddy opened her text and began the class!!!

"Please open your books to chapter eleven, it's the one titled "Personal Feminine Hygiene", does everyone have it!?!" "Now, why is this so important," Miss Eddy ask, "can anyone tell me!?!" When no one raised their hand, Miss Eddy pointed to a dark haired girl in the front row and asked, "Donna, do you have any idea!?!" "Uh, because it would be unhealthy not to keep your self clean down there!!!" "Of course that's true," Miss Eddy replied, "but that's not the answer I'm looking for, and by the way, I don't have a "down there", I have a vagina just like all of you have, so let's please use proper the terminology!!!" "Anyone else have an idea," she opined!?! Just when she was about to give up on anyone coming up with the correct answer, Becky raised her hand and offered, "Is it to keep a man happy, Miss Eddy!?!" With a wide smile covering her face Miss Eddy replied, "Very good, Becky, and how did you arrive at that conclusion!?!" "From my mom, ma'am," the girl replied quickly, "she always says to make sure that my vagina is always ready in case a man would happen to see or touch it!!!" Nodding her head in agreement, Miss Eddy went on, "Of course your mother is correct, I'm pleased that she is taking an interest in your vaginal development, is anyone else's mother doing the same thing!?!" Over half of the girls raised their hands prompting Miss Eddy to comment, "I'm really not surprised that so many of your mother's are tending to your personal needs, as I've had most of them in my home ec class over the years, so tell me, what exactly are they telling you!?!"