It was driving her out of her mind this condtion of constantly being sexually aroused, but the only thing Alaina could do to relieve the tension was to slip off to the restroom and masturbate furiously until achieving the necessary orgasm to calm her nerves!!! Here it was only ten o'clock in the morning and already her vagina was becoming a burning cauldron of sexual desire, so on somewhat shaky legs she slipped out the side door and down a long corridor to the women's restroom on the twenty eighth floor!!! Once inside a toilet stall she quickly shoved down her panty hose and bikini panties, and after hiking up her skirt, she sat down on the john and buried two fingers deep inside the raging inferno that was her pussy and madly frigged herself to a stunning orgasm!!!

"You having some kind of trouble," her good friend Bay asked while they took a booth at a local resaurant for lunch!?! "What ever are you talking about," Alaina replied while picking up a menu, "I feel just fine, why do you ask!?!" A waitress appeared out of nowhere to take their orders, but as soon as she was gone, Bay turned back to her friend and replied, "You know exactly what I mean, for the past month you've been spending more time in the john than at your desk!?!" "Has someone else noticed," Alaina asked fearfully!?! "Not that I know of," Bay answered softly, "but last week I just happened to be using the john when you came in and if I'm not mistaken, masturbated like a wild monkey until you were cumming like crazy!!!" Alaina lowered her eyes, unable to look her friend in the eye and replied softly, "Y-you're right, I am having a problem and I don't know what to do about it!!!"

Bay reached across the table and gently took Alaina by the hands and whispered, "What ever it is we're gonna work on it together, so give, what's up!?!" "Well, about six weeks ago, for some unexplained reason, my clitoris just about doubled in size, keeping my vagina in a constant state of sexual arousal, and it's just about driving me crazy," Alaina replied hoarsely!!! "What caused your clit to balloon up," Bay asked softly, "are you taking any drugs or medication!?!" "No, of course not," Alaina replied quickly, "I thought of that right away, but no, I'm clean as a whistle as far as drugs are concerned!!!" "What about Jerry, does he know," Bay went on!?! "Of course he knows," Alaina replied a little harshly, "how could I keep it from him, I'm constantly trying to jump his bones!!!" "Yeah," Bay replied thougtfully, "I guess that would be true, how's he taking it!?!" "Not too badly" Alaina replied, "but his job is really demanding, so he can only do so much for me!!!"