While taking a sip of her white wine, Shari casually scanned the crowded tavern, all the time searching for her next "victim"!!! "Oooooo," she said to her best friend Mona, "look at that cute guy at the end of the bar, what do ya think!?!" Mona cocked her head and gave the young man a quick once over and replied, "I guess so, Shar, but good grief, haven't you had enough for one day!?!" Shari ignored her friend's rejoinder, and like a shark honing in on it's prey, she made a beeline straight for her quarry and with a big smile said, "Hi, my name's Shari, I couldn't help seeing that you're drinking alone, do you mind if I join you!?!"

Taken a little bit by surprise, the stranger stammered, "Uh, no, take a stool!!!" Shari plopped her plump bottom onto the padded seat, and while extending her hand said, "My name's Shari, Shari Conners!!!" "My name's Seth Ames," he replied loudly over the din of music and conversation, "I'm glad to meet you, do you come her often!?!" "Not to often, "Shari lied, "what about you!?!" "It's my first time," he replied, "it's pretty noisy, though, don't you think!?!" Shari wasn't even really listening to what he was saying as she tried picturing in her mind how big Seth Ames' pecker would be when she saw it for the first time!!! After making idle chit chat for the next ten minutes or so, Shari made her move!!! "Follow me, Seth," she said whispered loudly into his ear, "I have something I want to show you!!!" He was about to ask her what she had in mind, but before he could respond, Shari was already pulling him through the crowd on her way to the rest rooms in the rear of the bar!!! "What are we doing here," Seth asked a little dumbly!?! It was now or never, so as she had done a hundred times before, Shari took Seth by the arm, and much to his consternation and surprise, she practically dragged him into the ladies' room, while pulling him into the last stall at the end of the row!!!"

"W-what the hell's going on," Seth stammered, "I've gotta get outta here, are you crazy or something!?!" "Or something, I think," Shari relied softly while dropping to her knees in front of the stunned young man while expertly reaching inside of his cords and extracting a his still soft member!!! "Jesus christ, lady," Seth moaned as Shair practically inhaled his now rapidly expanding meat, "has anybody ever told you that you're a lunatic!?!" "All the time," Shari said without taking her mouth off of Seth's fat pecker, "why, do you want me to stop!?!" A long low groan that gurgled out of his throat was all the answer Shari needed as she threw her mouth into overdrive, quickly bringing the quivering erection to a hard fast orgasm that filled her mouth with the cum shooter she so desired and lived for!!! When it was over, Seth simply slumped down onto the toilet with his tongue hanging out and little line of drool running down his chin!!! Shari quickly stood up, and while pulling up her skirt and exposing her already naked vagina, she said, "Okay, big boy, now it's my turn!!!