"Here's your mail, Mz. Owens," Stevie said while dropping a thick bundle of envelopes on the corner of the senior vice president's desk, "I think you get more stuff than anyone, you must have a lot of friends!!!" Tilting her head forward to look over the top of her reading glasses, she eyed the young mail boy before replying, "Well, Stevie, most of them aren't from friends, I get that kind of mail at home, believe me, these are all work related!!!" He paused for a second before leaving her office, and then in a hesitant voice replied, "Well I bet that anyone as pretty as you has a lot of friends!!!" "Why thank you, Stevie," she answered smoothly, "that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a long time, do you sweet talk your girl friend that way, too!?!" Now turning a bright shade of red he replied, "Uh, no, I don't have a girlfriend!!!" Seeing his obvious discomfort, Kimberly Owens replied gently, "I'm really surprised, you're a very handsome young man, how old are you, Stevie!?!" "I'm eighteen, ma'am," he replied softly, "I'll be nineteen in two more months!!!" Giving the young blonde haired boy one more once over, she asked softly, "Stevie, may I ask you a favor, please!?!" "Gosh yes," he fairly shouted, anything at all, you just name it, Mz. Owens!!!" "Good, stop by my office at let's say five fifteen," she replied, "I'll explain then exactly what I want you to do, okay!?!" "Sure," he replied happily, "I'll be here at five fifteen sharp!!!"

At precisely a quarter after five there was a knock on her door and a soft male voice saying, "It's me Mz. Owens, Stevie Baker, you wanted to see me!!!" "Come on in, Stevie," she called out from behind her large oak desk, "I've been hoping you'd make it!!!" With an expectant look on his face he stood silently before her, waiting dutifully for her instructions as she continued, "What do you know about me, Stevie, I mean about me personally!?!" "Uh, not much," he replied, "except for the fact that you're a v.p. and work in the marketing department, that's all!!!" "I don't mean work related items, I mean about me outside of the office, like where I live, if I'm married, if I have any children, that sort of thing!!!" "I dunno," he answered slowly, "I guess I just figured a pretty lady like you was married, but I guess I really don't know anything about you at all!!!" Again letting her eyes drink in his youthful beauty, she replied, "Well, I'm not married, never have been, so naturally I don't have children, and I live on the near north side in a high rise with my cat, so I guess you could say that I'm a little bit lonely!!!" Nervously shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he mumbled, "t-that's hard to believe, ma'am, I mean you're so pretty and all............." "All what," she asked softly!?! "I just meant that a lotta men would love taking you out," he answered, " I just can't imagine you staying at home every night, that's all!!!" "Well," she replied softly, "it's sad to say, but I do, but enough about me, I've got a question for you!!!

"What's that," he asked, "ask away!?! "Why don't you have a girl friend, you're a very handsome young man," she asked!?! "Oh, I don't know," he answered, "I guess I get too nervous when I'm around them, you know, tongue tied!!!" "You don't seem nervous around me, Stevie," she replied softly, "at least I hope you're not!!!" "Y-you're different," he stammered, "I don't know why but I just want to be around you, is that bad of me!?!" "Of course not, Stevie," she said, "I'm very flattered that you like me, and I just want you to know that I like you too, but enough of that, let's discuss the reason I had you stop in after hours, all right!?!" "Uh sure, fire away," he replied!!! "As I mentioned before," she said slowly, "I live alone, mostly by choice, as my work takes up and enormous amount of my time, and having a family just isn't feasible, do you understand so far!?!" Uh huh," he replied, "that makes sense, after all you've gotta a real important job, right!?!" "That right," Kimberly Owens replied, "I'm very busy, and consequently I'm afraid I feel very alone, especially at night when I'm all by myself, do you see what I mean!?!" "I-I'm not sure," he stammered, "what are you driving at, Mz. Owens!?!" It was now or never, and after taking a deep breath, the fifty two year old executive stood up and calmly lifted her skirt above her waist, exposing her very fat lipped vagina to his stunned young eyes!!!