"I'm just sick of it," Terri said after taking a sip of her coffee, "the stupid season just started and Chuck is already ignoring me completely on Saturday and Sunday, and I think it's hopeless, he's never gonna change!!!" "I hear ya," Valerie replied, "Brad spent all weekend glued to the TV watching wall to wall football, and what's worse, those idiotic pre game show now are about as long as the games themselves, and then don't let's forget Monday night, crimony, that's the holy grail of football, we wouldn't wanna miss that, would we!?!" While shaking her head in agreement, Terri offered, "Chuck bets ten lousy bucks on a game and you'd think we had the whole house riding on it, all that screaming and yelling, I think they're all nuts, I just wish there was a way we could pry them away from the tube even for just a few hours!!!" Valerie took a drink of her coffee, and after a few moments reflection replied, "Maybe we can, girl, maybe we can!!!"

The following Sunday afternoon just after the kickoff........ "Brad," Valerie called from her dressing room, "can you come in here and help me for a minute!?!" "What was that, babe," he called from the den, "I can't hear ya, the game just started!!!" Raising her voice a little louder she repeated, "Could you please come in here and help me for a moment!?!" "Awww, Val," he yelled, "can't ya wait 'til half time, we've already got the ball on their thirty seven yard line!?!" Finally losing her temper, Valerie shouted, "Bradley Decker you get in her this instant, I'm tired of screaming back and forth, do you understand me!?!" After rolling his eyes and hopping out of his easy chair, he waited until the next play was run, a screen pass for fifteen yards, thank you, and then ambled into the dressing room and said, "Let's make it snappy, babe, we're within field goal range and I don't wanna miss anything, okay!?!" Sitting at her dressing table in just her bra and panties, Valerie casually ran a brush through her long blonde hair, feigning any interest in her husband at all!!! "Well," Brad demanded, "you got me in here, whaddaya need, let's go, babe, hurry it up will ya!?!" Finally recognizing his presence, Valerie turned to face him, and while still brushing her hair asked softly, "Would you be a dear and unhook my bra for me, Bradley, I'd really appreciate it?!?" "You got me in here for that," he demanded angrily, "are you nuts or somethin', I'm watching a game in there!?!" "Oh, Bradley," she replied smoothly, "I know how important your game is, but it will only take you a second and I'd really appreciate it, pleasssssssssse!?!"