Molly crossed the two snow covered back yards and knocked on April's back door while pulling her coat tighter around her body to protect herself from the cold biting wind!!! "Come on in, Mol," April said while shivering as a gust of freezing air burst into her toasty warm kitchen, "wanna cup of hot coffee!?!" "Is there any other kind," Molly shot back while shucking her coat and taking chair at the kitchen table, "can I have this last sweet roll!?!" "Go ahead," April replied while pouring a steaming cup of java, "boy it's some weather we've been having isn't it!?!" "Molly took the cup from her friend, took a sip and replied, "Yeah, and lately it's been pretty cold in our bedroom too!!!" "You and Gary aren't having problems are you," April asked softly!?! "Not really," Molly said between sips, it's just that his new job keeps him on the go, and to tell you the truth our love life is really suffering!!!" "It'll get better," April said in a soothing tone, "once he gets everything straightened out at work he'll have more time for you, I'm sure of it!!!"

The two friends sat quietly for a few minutes drinking there coffee, when out of the blue Molly sniffed the air and asked, "Do you smell something funny!?!" April took a couple of sniffs herself and replied, "No, I don't smell anything!!!" Molly cocked her head to one side and concentrated on the aroma for another moment of two before asking, "I know what it is, tell me the truth, April, did you and Mike do it this morning!?!" "W-what kind of question is that," April as incredulously, "I don't see how that's any of your business!?!" "Oh, stop it," Molly shot back good naturedly, "it's not your fault that you reek of hot sex, in fact I'd be proud of it!!!" April rolled her eyes and replied softly, "You're incorrigible, do you know that, you're all baaaaaad!!!" Molly giggled a little before replying, "So tell me, how was it, did you let him cum in your mouth!?!" Mollyyyyyyy," April said exasperatedly, "now stop that right this instant!!!" "Oh come on," Molly pressed on, "if I can't get the real thing at least let me hear about it, so, how was it!?!"