The sounding buzzer on his intercom caused a frown to cross Sumner Holton's face as he was wading through a series of depositions on a case he was preparing for trial the next day! He put down the documents and in a slightly irritated voice asked his secretary, "What is it, Alice, I asked not to be disturbed!?!" "I'm sorry, Mr. Holton," she replied, "there is a young woman out here who claims to be your wife and is demanding to see you!!!" "My wife," he exclaimed in surprise, "I'll be right there, thank you, Alice!!!" He strode over to the door and upon opening it, sure enough, there standing next to Alice's desk was Faye, his wife of three months!!! "Honey," he said in a slightly strained voice, "what on earth are you doing here, I am absolutely swamped!?!"

"I just had to see you," she replied with a hint of desperation, "can we go into your office for a minute, please!?!" He was about to tell her he'd see her at dinner, but just as he was about to open his mouth, she opened the front of her fur coat to reveal that the only thing she had on underneath it was a pair of thigh high pull on stockings, except for that, she was naked as a jay bird!!! Faye was standing only a few feet from his secretary, and only the angle of her line of sight was keeping her from seeing just exactly what Sumner had just seen!!! He was stunned into momentary silence, but his pretty wife mouthed the words, "I need you right now", and so figuring that arguing would get him nowhere, he took her by the arm and led her into his office, where before closing the door instructed Alice to hold all of his calls!!!

Once inside, he was about to ask her what the heck was going on, but before he could get word one out of his mouth, she threw herself at him, covered his lips with hers and gave him a long hard deep kiss that immediately sent a small shock wave to his groin!!! He gently pulled them apart and asked in a slightly breathless voice, "What in the heck's gotten into you, honey, I've got a ton of work to do and not much time to do it!?!" In her best little girl's voice she replied, "I don't think you love me anymore!!!" "W-why would you say such a thing, Faye," he asked softly, "you know I love you more than anyone or anything in this whole wide world?!?" "You're not showing it," she replied as a real tear slid down her cheek, "I just want to make sure that you still want me!!!" "Baby," he shot back, "why in the world would you think such a thing!?!" "How long have we been married," she asked!?! "Uh, a little over three months," he replied, "why!?!" "In that three months," she went on, "how many times have we missed making love in the morning before you went to work!?!" "Well, uh," he stammered, "I guess we haven't missed at all, until today, is that what this is all about!?!" "You left for work and didn't even try making love to me," she wailed, "did I do something to make you mad at me!?!" "Oh, no," he quickly replied, "it's nothing like that, hon, it's just that I had to get to the office so early today that I didn't want to wake you up!!!" "Well it's not fair," she said between sniffles, "I'm so used to it now that I can't go without it!!!" "I'm sorry, baby," he said while giving her a hug and leading her towards the door, "don't worry, tonight I'll make it up to you, I promise!!!" She dug in her heals, pulled out of his grasp, and replied stubbornly, "No, you hafta give it to me now, and I'm not gonna leave until you do!!!"