Lilly lolled in the tub, letting the soothing hot waters rinse away the aches in her burning muscles!!! What a workout it had been, and Jack always pushed her a lot harder than she thought she could bear, but if you're going to do a triathlon you've got to be in tip top condition!!! "How ya feel, babe," he said with laugh while standing in front of the mirror and putting on his deodorant, "great workout, huh!?!" "Yeah," she sighed, "I think every muscle in my body is screaming for mercy, even my eyelids hurt!!!" He playfully reached down into the water and grabbed a handful of her pussy and asked kiddingly, "Even this muscle!?!" "Oh, Jack," she gasped, "you know how I get after a workout, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" "Of course I do," he replied softly while burrowing his finger into her tight shaved vagina, "why do you think I came in here, to check out the fixtures!?!"

"Jack," she said while admonishing him, "d-don't start something you can't finish!!!" "You mean like this," he asked while twisting his finger all around the inside of her cunt, "cuz if that's what you mean, don't worry about it, I can do this all night!!!" Now she was like the puppet on the hand of a puppeteer, responding to each and every one of his moves by jerking her pussy around to follow insistent index finger!!! "Lilly," he asked softly while continuing his probing, "you seem to require a lot of orgasms to keep you going, I wonder why that is?!?" "I don't know," she said with a groan, "I just do, p-please don't stop, oh you do me so well!!!" "Ya know," he said a matter of factly, "I have theory about this, would you care to hear about it!?!" "Theory," she gasped, "I don't give a fuck about any theory, I just wanna cum a lot, that's all!!!" "Mmmmm, I'm a little disappointed in you, babe," he said with a shake of his head, "you'd think you'd be more interested in why you cum so much!!!" "Sweet jesus, you're nuts," she fairly shrieked, "I'm on the fucking edge of having huge one and you're blithering on about some psycho-babbo theory that means fucking shit, now do my clit for me, you fucking sadist!!!"

"Say," he offered while ignoring her demand, "would you like to see my penis, I think it's getting pretty hard now, and if memory serves me correctly, you're quite the little cockhound, aren't you!?!" As he was scrunched down along side the tub, his pecker was out of her sight, and just hearing him talk about his erection drove her absolutely batty causing her to plead, "Jack, if you show it to me I'll suck it off, please, let me see it, please!!!" His finger was now sliding all over her bucking cunt, everywhere that is except on her hard little clitoris, which was standing erect and practically begging for attention, so he softly replied, "Why should I show it to you, you act as if sucking me off would be doing me a favor, when that's what you really want in the first place!!!" "You bastard," she spat, "you always keep me on the edge for as long as you can, can't you just for once let me have it without having to beg for it!?!?" He stared at her pretty face for a moment or two and then with a shake of his head replied, "No, I can't!!!