Epilogue from The Teacher: Part One: Our heroine, Ellyn, has been having these strange feelings inside of her for years, and while she is unable to go to her mother with her problems, she decides to confide in her English teacher, Miss Gray! She confesses to her teacher that she thinks she is a lesbian, and as we found out, Miss Gray turned out to be a raving bull dyke!!! After inviting our young innocent to her apartment, Miss Gray then has Ellyn satisfy her orally for several hours!!! Our story continues the next after noon when Ellyn stops by Miss Gray's desk after class...............

"Miss Gray," Ellyn asks, "may I speak with you for a moment!?!" "Of course, dear," she replied, "how may I help you!?!" After waiting a few moments for the room to clear, Ellyn whispers, "I just wanted you to know that last night was the most wonderful night of my life, and well uh, I just wanted you to know that, that's all!!!" With a small smile creeping over her face, Miss Gray replied, "It was nice for me too, dear, but I think you have something else on your mind don't you!?!" Now looking a little flustered Ellyn stammered, "Well you see, while I was with you I felt more alive than I ever have in my life, but there's just one thing that seems a little strange and I can't quite put my finger on it!!!" "What do you think it is," Miss Gray asked gently?!? "Uh, you see, I felt different than I thought I would," Ellyn continued slowly, "I felt the need to, oh I don't know quite how to describe it!!!" "I think I know what you mean, Ellyn," Miss Gray offered, "you felt the need to be told what to do and you liked it when I gave you orders, isn't that right!?!" "H-how did you know that," Ellyn asked, "was it that obvious!?!" "Dear, you're new at this," Miss Gray opined softly, "you are a classic fem, and your need to be dominated by someone like me is the most powerful emotion you have, and it will be with you the rest of your life!!!"