Epilogue from "The Teacher", part one and two: Our heroine Ellyn, and eighteen year old high school student, has discovered that she is gay! One of her teachers, a Miss Gray, a harsh bull dyke, has introduced Ellen into the nether world of fem-dom lesbian sex! Miss Gray has informed Ellyn that another senior high student is in the same boat as she is, and our story picks up with Ellen contemplating making contact with the other student, a girl named Giana!!!

Ellyn carefully creases the letter she has just completed, slips it into an envelope, seals it, and the in bold letters prints GIANA on it's front and sticks it inside of her back pack!!! "I hope she'll read it," Ellyn says to herself while entering the front door of her high school and making her way towards her locker!!! She exchanges hellos with several of her friends, stopping momentarily to make small talk with Janet, her locker mate, but all the time scanning the bustling crowd for a glimpse of Giana!!! She was just about ready to give up, when out of the corner of her eye she saw her, tall, dark, Italian, long dark hair, a true picture of beauty, and for once she was all alone!!! It was now or never, so after fumbling for the letter for several seconds, Ellyn walked over to Giana, stuck the letter into her hand, and walked away!!! "What an idiot," she said muttered under her breath while heading for her first class, "you really handled that well, Ellyn!!!"

It was seven in the evening and Ellyn was sitting nervously at a table in the rear section of the public library, mindlessly thumbing through two year old editions of news magazines! "She's not gonna show," she thought glumly to herself, "I had one chance to do it right and I blew it!!!" She was just about read to give up the ghost, when out of nowhere, Giana slid into the seat across from her, and after several seconds of silence asked, "So, what exactly do you mean by "I know all about you!"!?!" Ellyn was a bit taken aback by Giana's forwardness, but after taking a second or two to get her bearings, she plunged right in and said, "I talked to Miss Gray, she told me all about you!!!" "Told you what," Giana retorted, "what on earth could old lady Gray know about me!?!" "That you're a fem, just like I am," Ellyn replied softly, "and that you feel more alone than anyone you know!!!" Giana was about to come back with a zinger, but her lower lip quivered for a second, and almost like turning on a faucet, the tears began flowing down the dark haired beauties cheeks and she whispered, "W-what else did she tell you!?!"