Alan stared at the paper for at least a minute, almost unable to believe what he was seeing, as the big red "C" in the left hand margin was like a dagger in his heart!!! This just couldn't be true, he had worked like a dog on this paper and after two years of college he certainly knew high quality work when he saw it, and dammit, this paper was a helluva lot closer to and A+ that a C!!! How in god's name could she have given him a C, he had to pull and A to keep his scholarship current so he always put out maximum effort in all of his classes!!! He was about to raise his hand and ask a question when the professor offered, "If any of you has a question about your grade, I'll be in my office right after class until four thirty, it will be first come first serve, okay class, that's all for today!!!" Damn straight he was going to stop in and see her, he wanted an explanation and he wanted it now!!!

Alan knocked on the frame of the open door and asked, "May I see you for a moment, Mz. Cranston, it's about my English Lit paper!?!" "Come in Mr. Ross and have a seat," she said while nodding her head at the empty chair next to her desk, "how may I help you!?!" After sitting down, Alan fumbled with his paper and said, "You gave me a C on my term paper and I really feel that I deserved a much better grade, I worked hard on this paper and I know it's better than C work!!!" "Really," she asked, "let me see it please!!!" Alan handed her the paper and watched anxiously as she skimmed through it, hoping that she would immediately see that she had made and error and give him the grade he deserved, but much to his chagrin she replied, "I see no reason to change your grade, this is C work if I've ever seen it, so don't waste my time with your mewling begging!!!" He slumped back in his chair completely stunned at her chiding, and for a few seconds his mind was like a top spinning out of control, but finally he managed to stammer, "Mz. Cranston, I'm desperate, I need to pull an A in your class or I lose my scholarship, I'll do anything you ask, but I've gotta get an A on this paper!!!