"Julia, I must say that the table looks absolutely divine," gushed her good friend Minerva! "I second that motion," Abra rejoined enthusiastically, "I don't know how you do it, but every time I eat here it's like dining at The Rainbow Room!!!" Julia took her seat at the head of the table as her three dinner companions took theirs, that being Abra, Minerva, and last but certainly not least, Rhonda, who of course every one called Roni!!! As was their usual custom, they were all dressed up for their once a month dinner party! "So, Julia," Abra asked, "what's on the menu for this evening?!?" "Are you referring to the dinner menu or dessert," Julia replied with a laugh!?! "Either one or both," Abra retorted!!! "Well then," Julia responded, "I guess I'll answer both of your questions, for dinner it's poached salmon with almonds, and for dessert, it's, well let me show you, Mia darling, you may start bringing in the dinner!!!"

All of the eyes at the table turned to see who was coming through the kitchen door! "Oh, my," Roni gasped, "s-she's beautiful, where on earth did you find her!?!" The object of Roni's question pushed a serving cart to the edge of the table and began placing tossed salads in front of each of the diners!!! Mia continued around the table until everyone was served and then asked, "Do you need anything else, Miss Julia?!?" "Not until the main course, dear," Julia replied, "you can go into the kitchen and get everything set up!!!" "Very good, ma'am," the young girl replied, "just call if you need me!" After she had left the room, the three ladies all turned to Julia and began asking all sorts of questions all at once, until finally Julia raised her hand and said, "Hold it, one at a time, we have all evening, take it easy!!!" Minerva was the first to speak and asked, "Good lord, how old is she, she looks so young!?!" "Eighteen," she just graduated from high school," Julia shot back! "Where did you ever find her," asked Roni, "girls like her don't grow on trees!?!" "Actually, I met her at the bank, she was applying for a job and I offered her a better one," Julia replied!!! Then finally, Abra asked the evenings most pertinent question, "Is she as tasty as she looks!?!" All Julia said was, "Better!!!