It had been three weeks since Miss Denton had confronted Samantha about her propensity to omit taking her post gym class shower, so as a result, Miss Denton allowed Samantha to take her shower in the coaches lounge away from the other students! Of course there was a price to be paid for such privacy, but Samantha quickly became accustomed to having her teacher's hands roaming all over her very lush teenage body!!! On several occasions, Alicia Denton actually disrobed and showered along with her now favorite student!!! It was the lush full bodied Samantha and the lean long legged Alicia Denton, a true study in body contrast if there ever was one!!! Alicia became almost obsessive with the young girl's mammoth chest, spending literally hours washing, caressing, and sucking on the heavy breasts, while finger fucking either herself or Samantha's hairy pussy to unbelievably incredible orgasms, and while Samantha knew what they were doing was wrong, she actually began looking forward to the daily attention her breasts and vagina received from the hungry gym teacher!!! As she lay in bed one night thinking about how much she enjoyed the girl-girl sex with her teacher, little did she realize what Miss Denton had in store for her tomorrow!!!

The next morning Samantha was late for her first period class and she fumbled with her books while trying to open her locker! It was a miracle that she didn't spill everything onto the floor, and much to her surprise, taped to the back wall of the locker was an envelope with her name printed in large block letters on the front of it!!! "What the heck," she said to herself as she tore it open, "how could anybody get into my locker!?!" As she began to read, a twinge of desire stabbed in her pussy, it was a note from Miss Denton with instructions that read: "After school, 4:00 PM sharp, 36 Cedar St., apartment 3, don't be late, I have a surprise for you!!! A.D." For the rest of the day Samantha's pussy was in a constant state of near arousal, and while it was not enough to be uncomfortable, it was still a constant reminder of what was sure to come!!!