This was the one day of the year Molly hated to go shopping!!! No, she hadn't lost her feminine drive to load up her credit card buying the latest fashions, it was just that this was the day she had to buy her new bathing suit for the up coming season!!! While she was a nineteen years old and a sophomore in college, she still had the body of a fourteen year old, and she still lived in dread of having a sales lady ask if she shouldn't check with her mother on what suit to pick out!!! Sometimes when she looked into the mirror she wondered if she would ever grow up, with her sparsely cover pussy bulging with half open lips and her tiny breasts topped with little nipples that always seemed to stay erect, she was a picture of wholesomeness that was betrayed by her ever ready sexual organs!!!

"May I help you dear," the middle aged sales lady asked as Molly was checking out a rack full of brightly colored bikinis!!! "Uh, yes, please," Molly replied, "I need a new suit and I was just looking to see if any of these were my size!!!" The lady looked her over for a second and asked, "About a size three!?!" "Yes," Molly replied, "and I take a 32A cup top!!!" "Follow me, please," the lady replied, "I think what you want is over in our juniors department!!!" Molly dutifully trailed along until they stopped by a large display of quite attractive suits in the rear of the store!!! "After you've selected three or four," the lady offered, "you can try them on over there in the dressing room!!!" Molly thanked her, and after about fifteen minutes she had found three models that she wished to try on!!! She was just entering a vacant dressing room, when much to her surprise, the sales lady slipped in behind her and closed the door behind them!!! "What are you doing in here," Molly demanded, "I'm quite capable of trying them on by myself!?!" The old lady smiled softly, and in a gentle tone replied, "I know you can, dear, I just wanted to help you out, don't worry, I do this all of the time!!! A second ago she had been a little hot under the collar, but after hearing the almost lilting voice of the sales lady reassuring her, Molly lost all of her resolve and began slipping out of her tee shirt and jeans!!!