Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another edition of the most popular radio call in sex advice program in America, The Doctor Is In!!! And here to answer all of your questions regarding relationships and of course sex, is your host, Dr. Samantha Miller!!! Thank you, Steve Parker, I'm your host Dr. Samantha Miller, and for the next three hours we'll try and answer as many questions about sex, love, and relationships as we can!!! As you know, this program is of an adult nature, so if you are easily offended by frank talk about sexual matters, turn off your radio now!!! Okay, let's go to our first caller, you're on with Dr. Sam, how may I help you!?!
Hello, Dr. Sam, I'm a single woman of thirty, and my problem is that I'm addicted to oral sex, can you help me!?! Tell me, how often do you perform oral sex?!? Well, at least twice a day if I can, usually once with my boy friend, and then at work there's a guy who lets me suck him at lunch!!! Does your habit interfere with your normal routine?!? Uh, not really I guess, if you mean do I get all of my work done and stuff, no, then I guess it doesn't!!! And you really love having a man in your mouth, is that correct?!? Yes, I love having a hard penis in my mouth, and of course cumming!!! You're not forcing these men to let you suck them are you?!? No, not at all, they both love it!!! "Well, caller, I really don't see that you have a problem!!! There are a lot of women out there just like you who love sucking a penis more than anything else, so I say just go with the flow and enjoy it, next caller please!!!

Dr. Sam, this isn't my question, but I just want that last caller to know that I love sucking cock too, and she's got nothing to be ashamed about!!! Anyway, my question is I gave birth to a baby about six months ago, and my husband just loves breast feeding on my nipples!!! I only breast fed the baby for a few weeks after delivery, but my husband took over and now my breasts are still producing milk, is this dangerous?!? No, caller, it is not dangerous, but how do you feel about nursing your husband!?! Well, I have to admit that it feels great, and it's gotten so that I can have an orgasm just from having him suck my nipples!!! How often does he suck them?!? Oh, for a half hour in the morning, another half hour after work, and then for an hour or so at night in bed!!! Does he get erections when sucking you?!? Oh, yes, all the time, usually at night I suck him off after he's done nursing!!! Well, caller, if you both enjoy this breast play, I see no reason for you to worry about a thing, good luck, next caller please!!!