"It's your bid, Kimberly," Marion said, "we don't have all day, you know!!!" "Keep your shirt on," Kimberly replied good naturedly, "I'm thinking, I'm thinking!!!" "About what," Barb chimed in, "it certainly mustn't be about bridge, you've been half a step slow all day!!!" "Oh give her a break," Billie offered, "when you've gone without for as long as she has you get a little antsy!!!" As the other three women cracked up, Kim replied snippily, "I bid two hearts, and I got some last night if it's any of your business, so there!!!" "Ohhhhh myyyyy, she got some last night, so big Mike finally came across for you did he," asked Marion, "how long did he last, all of two minutes!?!" Again the table was regaled by a spate of laughter that even Kimberly had to join in on as she replied, "Well, a little longer than that, but not much!!!" The four women continued to play and pick at each other for the next hour or so before Barb asked seriously, "Say, Billie, what ever happened to the kid that was mowing your lawn, you know the one who came in here and put on a little show for us, I think his name was Bobby!?!" Billie deftly dealt the next hand before she replied, "Oh gee, I think he's a junior in college now, I haven't seen him in over a year, why do you ask!?!" "Oh," Barb answered, "that was such an unbelievable afternoon, and I was just thinking how nice it would be if..................."

Upon the mere mention of Bobby's name, everyone kinda got a little nostalgic as they reminisced about that afternoon two years earlier when the young eighteen year old came in form mowing the grass and fucked each one of them silly with his huge teenage cock!!! They all had to agree that it was probably the most exciting thing that any of them ever had experienced before or since, that is except Billie who offered, "Well, I agree that Bobby was very good, but I think that I've found something that even beats that!!!" "You've been holding out on us, haven't you," Marion demanded, "so give, what have you been hiding from us!?!" "Yeah," Kim said edgily, "we're supposed to be friends, and our motto has always been share and share alike, right!?!" "That's right," Barb rejoined, "so give, Billie, what have you got going for yourself!?!" "Okay, okay," Billie said with a laugh, "but I'm not gonna spoil it for you by telling you about it first, so here's the deal, next week, at out our regular meeting, I'll have him here, agreed!?!" "Agreed," the three others replied in unison!!!" "Just one question," Kimberly asked, "is he half as good as Bobby!?!" Billie didn't even reply, she just chuckled a little and dealt the cards!!!