The auctioneer droned on, " who'll give me twenty dollar, twenty dollar, twenty dollar, who'll give me twenty dollar twenty dollar, twenty dollar, come on people, we have a box of antique jewelry that's at least worth ten times what were asking here, we have to move this stuff, so please, someone out there give me twenty dollars!!!" Drew thought about it for another second, and then slowly raised his hand! "Finally, we have a bid of twenty dollars, do I hear twenty five, sold, to the man in the blue plaid shirt for twenty dollars, he stole it from you ladies and gents, our next item up for bid is..............." Drew made his way through the crowd up to a table where he paid his twenty bucks and picked up his box of old jewelry and knick knacks!!! As he carried his prize to the car he thought, "Why in the hell did I buy this old junk, what a waste of money!!!" He tossed the box into the back seat of his car and headed for home!!!
He popped open a can of beer, plopped down at the kitchen table and open the lid of the card board box and peered inside, and immediately picked up a small wooden case with a silver clasp! Carefully flipping open the small latch, he lifted the top and much to his surprise, encased on a blue velvet cloth was a polished piece of amethyst hanging from a thin leather string! "Wow," he mumbled while holding it in his hand, "it's beautiful!!!" As he examined it closer, he detected writing etched in its stone face!!! With the aid of a magnifying glass he read, "Who ever wears this amulet around his neck, will have the power to control minds and wills." "What a bunch of hokum," he said with a laugh, "but it's still an pretty stone," while putting the leather strap around his neck! Little did he realize how much the little stone would change his life forever!!!

Stepping into an empty elevator to make the ride to twentieth floor where he was a junior executive with a investment banking company, Drew pushed the button for his stop and waited for the doors to close! At the last moment, a young blonde with big breasts slipped through the sliding door and punched her floor! Both of them nodded at each other, in a sort of elevator form of etiquette, and then as usual, stood silently as the car made its accent! Out of the corner of his eye Drew mentally undressed the big boobed beauty and thought to himself, "I wonder what size those baby's are!?!" His mouth almost dropped to the floor when out of the blue she turned to him and said calmly, "They're 34C!" "Excuse me," Drew replied in a stunned voice!?! "My bra size," she answered, "it's 34C!" The door to the elevator slid open and Drew stepped into the corridor while looking over his shoulder with his mouth agape!!! "Sweet jesus in heaven," he said aloud while entering his office complex, "how in the hell did she know what I was thinking!?!" While still trying to figure out what happened, he took his seat behind his desk, he picked up his copy of the Journal and forgot all about it!!!