" if you inverse these two coefficients and multiply by the square root of base, you will be able to figure the area under the parabola, any questions!?!" "I can guarantee that this formula will be on the next test," Miss Egger opined, "so I suggest you make sure you know it backwards and forwards, so if there are no questions, that will be all until tomorrow, and by the way, don't forget that the odd numbered problems on page 243 are due on Friday by three thirty, okay, you're all dismissed, except for Margo, please stop by my desk before you leave!!!" While the other students shuffled out of the senior advanced math class, Margo stood and waited next to Miss Egger's desk, wondering what in the heck she had done now!!! After everyone was gone the young student teacher said, "We've spoken about this before, Margo, but you continue to be disrupt the class with your incessant talking, can you please explain to me what your problem is, you spent half of the period jabbering with Luanne!?!" "Uh, I don't know," Margo replied softly, "I'm sorry, Miss Egger, it won't happen again, I promise!!!" "But you've made promises before," Jolee Egger replied, "how can I believe you now!?!" "I don't know," the eighteen year old said softly, "I said I was sorry didn't I?!?" "Yes, Margo, yes you did, but that really doesn't hold much water anymore, does it," Jolee asked, "so tell me, what did you and Luanne talk about that was so important that it couldn't wait until after class!?!" "I don't know," Margo whined, "it was just stuff!!!" "Stuff, what kind of answer is that," Jolee demanded, "I want to know right now what was so important that you couldn't keep your mouth shut for fifty three minutes!!!"

Margo stood sullenly looking at the floor, but seemingly unwilling to talk about it!!! "You didn't have any problem talking before and you're not leaving here until you tell me what you were talking about, do I make myself clear," Jolee said sharply!?!" "Well," Jolee snapped, "let's have it!!!" "Okay," Margo said softly, "ya see I was supposed to have this date last night with Vince, but he couldn't make it, and I was just talkin' to Luanne about it, that's all!!!" "So what's so important about a missed date," Miss Egger questioned!?! "Uh, nothing I guess," Margo said with her head bowed!!! "Don't give me that young lady," Jolee retorted, "I want to know what the heck was so important that you had to disrupt the class at least three times today, now speak up girl!?!"