Carolyn Engel sat in the outer office of Dr. Matthews office paging through the latest weekly news magazine without really paying much attention to it, as her mind was on much more important things. Lifting her head out of the magazine, she glanced around the waiting room, trying to imagine what each of the people sitting there were seeing the doctor about. She made a quick observation that none of the other women in the room had her particular problem!!! There was one woman who had a nose that looked like a ski slope, while another looked like she had three chins instead of the usual one!!! No, she was the only one who was a candidate for breast reduction surgery!!! While most of the female population would probably not choose to have breasts the size of hers, most of them would never even think of going through what she was contemplating!!! Her thoughts were interrupted by the receptionist who announced, "Dr. Mathews will see you now, Miss Engel!"
Taking a seat in an empty examining room, she passed the time waiting for the doctor by counting the tiles on the wall! "Get a grip," she admonished herself, "this is just a consultation, nothing's going to happen today," but then she went back to counting the tiles!!! A few minutes passed before Dr. Matthews arrived, but when he did finally come in, he immediately made her feel comfortable with his easy manner and casual conversation. "Well, Carolyn," he began, "I see from your chart that you're thinking about having breast reduction surgery, not a common request I must admit, we usually have patients who want to go the other way!!!" Carolyn nodded and then poured out her heart, "Doctor, I know it sounds crazy, but I almost feel like freak, the women smirk at me, and the men, well you know what they think, that all I am is a pair of big boobs with not a brain in my head!!!" The doctor listened for the next ten minutes as Carolyn described her life as the owner of a pair of 38F breasts on a one hundred twenty five pound body before asking softly, "What does your boyfriend think about all this?" After a moments hesitation she replied slowly, "I-I don't have a boyfriend, I'm too ashamed to even think about letting a man see or touch me when I know he doesn't care about me a whit, and besides, I think they're so unattractive no man would want me anyway!!!