"Please hurry," Winnie begged, "I can't hold it much longer!!!" Janet gunned the big Ford as she peeled around the corner on her way to Winnie's apartment building and laughingly said, "Don't you dare go in my car I just had the seats cleaned!!!" "Oh, shut up, Jan" Winnie moaned, "and hurry!!!" "Do you want me to stop right here," Janet asked sweetly, "you can go behind those bushes over by that house!?!" "Very funny, smarty pants," Winnie retorted, "I think I can hold it another minute!!!" They sped through the residential streets in silence until Janet said, "Almost there, get ready to jump out!!!" As big car screeched to a halt in front of Winnie's building, she fairly leaped from the still moving vehicle and raced up the front steps towards the front door!!! Over her shoulder she could here Janet yell, "I'll call you tomorrow, Win, good luck!!!" Even though the elevator was standing open and ready on the ground floor, Winnie elected to take the fire stairs as she only lived on the third floor!!! Half way between one and two she couldn't hold for another second, and as she stumbled over her own feet and fell on her face, her bulging bladder gave loose and her panties were filled with a stream of deliciously warm piss that spread from the front of her crotch all the way to her bottom!!! This was not the first time that Winnie had had an accident, but even in the car she could tell that this time she felt different, almost sexually aroused, and much to her surprise and consternation, as the hot piss flooded from her, her pussy involuntarily convulsed and she had a very hard and satisfying climax that left her shaken and stunned on the stairway floor!!! She had known that this was coming for a long time, but kept it repressed in her mind, not wanting to admit even to herself that she had these "unnatural" feelings, so now that is was out in the open she decided that it was time to not only live with her condition, but relish it!!!