She had all of the shots and a lot more, and even though she was only eighteen, the other pros on the International Women's Professional Tennis Tour said she was a "can't miss"!!! Ever since she had picked up a racket at age three it was apparent to anyone who watched her that Raye Anne Malloy was a phenom!!! And not only was she a special tennis player, she also had the blonde good looks that plastered her face all over teeny bopper and women's sports magazines!!! It was a well known fact in advertising circles that a Raye Anne Malloy cover meant at least a thirty percent bump in newsstand sales, which of course translated into increased advertising revenue!!! With a seven figure shoe deal and her own personal fragrance line, Raye Anne Malloy was about to take on the best in the world at their own game!!! On her own at eighteen was a daunting prospect, but Raye Anne relished the prospect of competing against the players she had idolized her whole life!!! She hopped out of the cab in front of the club house of the Banock Creek Country Club and asked the attendant to direct her to the locker room!!! She followed his directions to a tee and soon she was standing outside the door, nervously thinking that when she opened it, she would be meeting her heroes for the first time!!!

"Hey," Linda Johns yelled, "look who's here, the future of our sport, or at least that's what Tennis magazine says!!!" The other players greeted her with a few catcalls and whistles, but thankfully, Corey Indigo, a middle level player, came over and introduced herself, "Don't pay any attention to them, they do that to all of the new players, follow me and I'll get you a locker!!!" "Where are you staying," Corey asked while they moved through the crowed dressing room!?! "Uh, at the Anchor Inn," Raye Anne replied!!! "Nice place," Corey replied, "a lot of us stay there, they have room service and good cable TV package!!!" "Ah, here we are," she offered, "right next to me, just put your stuff in here!!!" "Thanks," Raye Anne said gratefully, "uh, where do we change!?!" "Babe," Corey replied with a laugh, "this is the big leagues, we change right here, this ain't back home in Michigan get used to it, but don't worry, no reporters are allowed, they have to use the press room!!!" Trying her best to act nonchalant, Raye Anne slowly began stripping off her clothes, while being fully aware that twenty pairs of eyes were glued to her body!!! As her bra dropped to the floor, again the room was filled with a chorus of whistles and hoots, which of course caused her face to redden in embarrassment!!! "Don't worry," Corey whispered, "when they ignore you is when you gotta worry, as long as you're a threat to them they're gonna ride ya!!!"