"Timmy, dear" Cassandra said while reading morning paper at the breakfast table, "I have a convention in New Orleans and I'm leaving right after work for the airport, so I'll have the cabby swing by here and pick up my bags!!!" "I've laid out all the clothes I'm going to need, but I want you to get them all packed and ready to go, understand!?!" "How long are you going to be gone," the crest fallen young man asked sadly?!? "Five days for sure," she replied while trying to keep from laughing, "why do you ask?!?" "Oh," he replied disappointedly, "it's just that I'm going to miss you, that's all!!!" "Why will you miss me," she asked teasingly!?! "Well, if you're going to be gone for five days...............," he replied while letting his voice trail off!!! Cassandra lowered the paper, looked into his sad eyes, and then slid two round trip airline tickets across the table at him and said, "I don't know why, because you're coming with me!!!" The look of shear joy on her panty boy's face was enough to break her heart, so she didn't even protest when he raced around the table and gave her a big hug and kiss and exclaimed, "Oh, Mistress, I so happy, thank you for taking me!!!" She chuckled a bit, and then in her stern mistress voice ordered, "Well," you just make sure you've got everything packed an ready to go by five o'clock, got it!?!"

When they were finally situated in their first class seat on the plane, Timmy leaned over to Cassandra and whispered, "I'm wearing something special just for the occasion, I hope you will approve!!!" Cassandra arched her brow a bit and asked softly, "I'm very intrigued, what is it, tell me right now!!!" Lowering his voice even more he said, "I went shopping on Oak Street today, at that new lingerie shop, and I picked up a pair of while lace crotchless panties!!!" He then added, "When I get an erection it sticks right out of the front, I can't wait to show you!!!" Cassandra moaned softly to herself while picturing Timmy's little hardon poking out from the feminine under garment, and naturally, she immediately became quite wet!!! Now in a hoarse voice she asked, "You didn't masturbate did you, you know what will happen if you did!?!" "Oh no," he replied quickly, "I got hard cuz of the silk, I promise you I didn't jerk it at all!!!" "She looked into his innocent eyes and said softly, "When we get to our room, the first thing you're going to do is suck my vagina, you've got me just dripping!!!" A broad grin spread across his face and he answered, "Oh thank you, Mistress, I can hardly wait!!!"