"Mmmmmm, this looks nice," April said as she held up a pink baby's christening dress, "that is if I have a little girl!!!" She was just about to pick up a matching blue outfit when someone on the other side of the table asked, "Is that you, April!?!" "Who is it," she asked while trying to focus on the questioner!?! "It's me, Lin Park, you know from college, back then I was Lin Yamana!!!" "Lin," April cried, "how long has it been, four years, now," as she walked around the table to meet her old college chum!?! "Gosh it's good to see you again," Lin offered as the two women gave each other a big hug!!! "You too," April gushed, "I see you're in the same condition I am!!!" "Yup," Lin replied, "I'm due in about five weeks, what about you!?!" "Six, but all of my sisters had their first one a week early, so I'm ready for anything," she replied with a laugh, "Is this your first, too!?!" "Uh huh," Lin replied, "do you know what yours is gonna be yet, Tom and I didn't want to know!?!" "Us either," April answered quickly, "that would take half the fun out of it!!!" "Say," April said brightly, "I have my car right outside the store and I don't live too far away, why don't you come over and we'll have some coffee and reminisce about old times!?!" Lin checked her watch and after thinking about it for a moment replied, "Sure, why not, Tom has to work late tonight anyway, let's go!!!"

The two pregnant women settled down in April's well appointed living room, and with cups of coffee in hand regaled each other with tales from their days at State U!!! "So," April asked, "how do you like married life!?!" "It's okay," Lin said a little sadly, "but ever since my belly began to expand Tom just hasn't shown his usual interest in me!" April took a long sip from her steaming cup and replied, "I guess we're in the same boat then, because Denny hasn't touched me in over two months, so when I hear people saying that pregnant women have a special sexuality about them, I just have to say you couldn't prove it by me!!!" "Amen, sister," the young Asian replied a little bitterly, "I could be glowing like a light bulb, and Tom wouldn't notice me, that is except maybe to turn it off!!!" It was a bad joke, but both women broke out in gales of laughter as the commiserated with each other over their sexual fates!!! After giving their husbands a couple of more shots, their conversation turned to more happy items as they yammered on about the upcoming births of their babies!!!