"Well I think he's cute," Nancy said defensively, "just because he's not the captain of the football team doesn't mean he wouldn't be fun to go out with!!!" Becky rolled her eyes in exasperation and replied, "Good grief, Nan, he looks like a wimp, do wanna go out with a guy you could probably beat up with one arm tied behind your back!?!" "Hrrrumph," Nancy shot back, "I don't plan on wrestling with him, after all, we're going to a dance, not a professionally wrestling match!!!" "Just the same," Becky said, "don't come running to me when your date turns out to be a disaster!!!" Nancy shook her head a couple of time, picked up the phone, dialed a number, and waited for and answer, "Hello, is this Kevin, good, hi, this is Nancy, Nancy Blair, I'm in your fifth period civics class, I was just wondering if you had a date yet for the Girls Ask dance on Saturday night???" "Well, would you like to go with me, it should be a lot of fun!?!" "Good," she replied after he accepted her invitation, "I'll pick you up at six and we can grab a couple of burgers before we go, how does that sound!?!" "Okay then, I'll see you then, bye!!!" Nancy then put the phone down and after turning to face Becky offered, "Well miss smarty pants, at least I've got a date, and that's more than I can say for you!!!"

"Last song, people," the lead singer of the band said into the microphone as the strains of "Me and Mrs. Jones", could be heard in the back ground!!! Kevin took Nancy into his arms as the two eighteen year olds swayed back and forth to the lilting sounds of the six piece combo that had entertained them for the past three hours!!! Nancy rested her head on Kevin's shoulder and whispered softly into his ear, "I had a really nice time tonight, Kevin!" Although up to now he hadn't said much, he replied shyly, "I-I did to, Nancy, I really did!!!" Nancy took a deep breath and rested her head back on his shoulder and thought to herself, "I don't care what that idiot Becky says, Kevin is just so sweet and the kind of guy a girl just likes to mother!!!" The song came to and end much too quickly, and forty couples picked up their jackets and headed out the gym doors to their cars!!! Once behind the wheel Nancy said casually, "What do ya say we drive out to the lake and watch the moon over the water, I hear it's really beautiful!?!" "Uh, sure," he stammered, "that sounds nice, why not!!!" The drove in silence, with only the music on the car radio keeping them company, except when Nancy would initiate the conversation!!! "So, how do you like Truman High," she asked, "it must be tough starting your senior year in a new school!?!" "It's fine," he replied, "it's little rough, but my dad go this new job, and you know how it goes...................!!!" "I hear ya," Nancy replied as she swung the car onto the lane leading down to the lake, "we're almost there!!!"