June 1 Dear Diary, Finally, the last day of school, twelve long years, I feel like I've been released from purgatory!!! Isaac asked me to go with him to the lake tonight, and I can't wait, he's such a hunk!!! I told Amy right away and she turned green, I love it!!! I just bought a new swimming suit and I hope he likes it!!! Well, wish me luck, diary! Seeya later!!!

June 2 Dear Diary, Issac's dad has a new boat and we were flying all over the lake, I even water skied for the first time!!! After it got dark we anchored out in the middle of the lake and had a picnic snack!!! We drank a little wine and Issac jumped up and stripped off his trunks and dove into the water naked!!! I was a little nervous, but followed him in and we played tag in the warm water!!! Finally, he caught and kissed me, it was so the sexiest thing I had ever experienced!!! After climbing back onto the boat, he laid me down on a towel and gently sucked my nipples!!! In the pale moon light I could just barely make out his cock, and believe me, he was hard as a rock!!! It was just so natural, and when he told me he was gonna fuck me I just hugged him tighter and let him have his way with me!!! Diary, of course I've had orgasms before, but never have I been taken so hard and fast!!! I just came and came and came, it was wonderful!!! Issac didn't want to cum in my pussy, so he pulled out just in time and shot it all over my tummy and boobs!!! We held each other for a few minute, and then took another swim to cool off!!! Well, it's getting late, so I'll seeya!!!