"Well," Beth asked after taking another sip of coffee, "how do you think Jamie likes married life???" "Mmmmmm," Ruth replied, "I think she loves it, she definitely has a glow about her!!!" Even though they were the only two people in the house, Beth leaned over and asked in a lowered voice, "Do you think what they say about black men is true, I mean, you know, in the bed room?!?" "Beth," Ruth replied in an exasperated voice, "how could you ask a mother that kind of question, and it's none of our business!!!" "Oh, come on," Beth pressed, "did she say anything about her honeymoon, I remember mine like it was yesterday!!!" "Okay then," Ruth retorted, "how was your honeymoon, did you have a good time!!!" "You bet I did," Beth shot back, "I was a virgin I'll have you know, but I took to it like a duck to water and screwed Tom like I was a cheap slut, and besides, I know you too well, if she didn't offer anything, I'm sure you asked!!!"
After a few more minutes of verbal jousting Ruth finally broke down and made a confession, "All right, but you have to promise me that you'll never tell a soul or even hint that you know more than you should!!!" "Yeah," Beth said excitedly, "I promise, cross my heart hope to die, now tell me, I'm about ready to burst!!!" Now it was Ruth's turn to lower her voice, "Okay, I did a bad thing, or good, I guess it depends on your point of view!!!" "What, what," Beth pleaded, "what did you do!?!" "Well, after Ed and Jamie finished their honeymoon, I knew that they'd be spending a few days at our place, sooooooo........." "And, and" Beth implored!!! "I-I hid a high resolution video feed in their bed room and had it directed back to a video recorder I had set up in the basement!!!" For once even Beth was dumbfounded and just sat there staring at her friend while she tried to fathom what she had just been told!!!

"Let me get this straight," Beth finally said excitedly, "you have video tapes of Jamie and Ed making love!?!" "Uh, yeah," Ruth replied with a red face, "I can't believe I spied on my own daughter, but I just had to see what he looked like!!!" "And......." Beth asked softly, "how did he look?!?!" "Unbelievable," Ruth whispered loudly, "it's true what they say, he' hung like a horse, and Jamie couldn't get enough of it!!!" "Really," Beth moaned, "d-did she suck him?!?" "Are you kidding," Ruth replied excitedly, "she sucked him off and let him shoot it in her mouth!!!" "Enough of this talking about it," Beth opined, "and as they say on the news, let's go to the video tape!!!"