Zak skillfully maneuvered the big Lincoln through a maze of traffic and on to the off ramp of the expressway! As he slid into local traffic he adjusted the radio for some easy listening and thought to himself, "Almost home, and boy am I tired and hungry, and what a day, non stop from eight until six, I hope Katie has something good ready for supper!!!" He thought about Katie and how lucky he had been to meet someone so beautiful and smart at the same time, and how after three years of marriage just the mere sight of her naked body nearly drove him insane with lust!!! Finally he turned onto Carriage Way Court and drove the last three blocks to his split level colonial at the end of the street! He parked the car in the garage and opened the connecting door to the mud room which was just off of the kitchen, and his nostrils were immediately filled with the aroma of roast chicken and rice!!! "All right," he mumbled, "one of my favorites," as he popped into the kitchen expecting to see Katie working over the stove!!! What he saw, however, was his wife working over the stove, but what was so startling was that she was stirring the gravy while just wearing a pair of high heeled shoes and a frilly lace apron!!! When she heard the door opening behind her she spun around to face him and said seductively, "Supper's almost ready, dear, would you care for and appetizer!?!"

If there was a world's record for getting a hardon, Zak would have owned it, because in the space of about five seconds he was hard as a piece of blue steel!!! "Do you like my outfit," she asked sweetly while she walked over and gave him a big hug, "I picked it out just for you, I hope it meets with your approval!?!" "Jesus christ, Katie," he stammered as she squished her big breasts against his chest, "I still can't get enough of you, you're gonna drive me crazy, do you know that!?!" She leaned up and kissed him open mouthed and replied softly, "That's the general idea, I'm going to fuck you to death for your insurance, how does that sound!?!" "What a way to go," he sighed while feeling up her slightly plump but firm bottom, "there's not a jury in the world that would convict you!!!" They both giggled at their little joke, but it quickly grew serious when Zak spun her around and leaned her over the kitchen counter with one hand, and with the other, pulled out his pecker and with one hard thrust, buried it deep into Katie's by now dripping snatch!!! She arched her back and groaned as the thick piece of cock meat drove in and out of her helpless pussy with piston like ferocity until he stiffened and roared out loud as his cock spasmed hard and sent a torrent of cum spewing deep inside of her burning vagina!!! He collapsed against her as all of the strength went out of his legs while he reached under to caress her hanging breasts as he regained his breath!!!

"Okay now, off with you," she said mischievously, "go up and change for dinner while I get the food on the table!!!" As he stood up on unsteady legs he asked softly, "You're not gonna wear that to dinner are you, cuz if you are I don't think I can concentrate on my supper!?!" She laughed that lilting laugh that always drove him crazy, and before he headed up the stairs he gave one final look at her perfect bottom as she bent over to take the chicken out of the oven!!! He shook his head in disbelief and ran up the stairs to change!!!