"May I help you, sir," the attractive young saleswoman asked while Ryan Majors scanned the display of night gowns that were marked at twenty percent off!?! "Uh, yes, maybe," he replied while feeling the material on one of the gowns!!! "Is it a present for your wife," the lady asked?!? "Yes," he replied, "it's our fifth wedding anniversary and I just thought that maybe she might like something like this!!!" The saleslady, who introduced herself as Dawn answered quickly, "These might be a little on the old side for someone her age, follow me and I'll show you something a little more appropriate!!!" Just grateful that he didn't have to say anymore, Ryan followed Dawn to the rear portion of the store where she stopped before a large selection of shortie night gowns!!!

I think that these might be a little more to her liking," Dawn offered, "can you tell me what size she wears!?!" Now growing a little flummoxed, he turned a little red and replied, "Well, uh, I think she's about your size, but her, you know, her breasts are maybe a little bigger!!!" "I wear a size eight and wear a 34C-cup bra, is she a D cup!?!" "Well, er," he stammered, "I think so, she has very large breasts!!!" Leaning closer to Ryan so that no one else could hear her, Dawn asked in a husky voice, "Does she like getting them sucked, I absolutely love it!?!" Ryan ears actually burned at the sound of such an intimate question, but incredibly he heard himself reply softly, "She loves having them sucked, and she has big pink nipples!!!" As they were the only ones in the rear of the store and were pretty much hidden from anyone in front, Dawn, after checking to see if anyone was watching, quickly unbuttoned her blouse and said in a raspy voice, "Do you like my bra, I think my breasts look beautiful in it, don't you!?!" "Holy smokes," he thought to himself as he stared at one of the most perfect set of boobs he had ever seen, what is she trying to do to me!?!" "I feel hurt," she said in a small voice, "you don't like them, do you?!?" Regaining a little courage, he offered, "Oh, no, they're very nice, I was just a little stunned that's all, after all I don't even know you!!!" "Do you mean to say that women other that your wife that you know expose their breasts to you," she asked playfully!?! "Of course not," he whispered loudly, "I just meant that this is a pretty strange situation!!!" She slid her hands up and casually unhooked the front clasp which allowed her boobs to bounce free in front of him, causing him to almost have a heart attack!!! "My, my," she cooed softly, "I think my customer likes my big boobs!!!"