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Tommy couldn't believe what was happening to him!!! Just two months ago he was a happy go lucky young man looking forward to his marriage to an beautiful young woman, when out of the blue, she had grabbed him by his testicles and completely dominated his existence!!! Even worse, he had found out that Amanda's mother had forced her father into a subservient roll twenty years ago, and was now tutoring her daughter in the fine art of domination!!! At this very minute, there were ten naked women laughing and poking fun at the two bra and panty clad submissives!!! "Oh, Pris," an overweight woman with huge tits gushed, "you have done a marvelous job bringing up Amanda, as well as training Jack and Tommy, do you think it would be okay if I touched their erections!?!" "Thanks," Pris said beaming, "I believe that things have turned out rather well, and of course, feel free to touch them as you please!!!" "Say, everyone," Priscilla announced, "Candy is going to unwrap our little pussy's erections, so if everyone will take a seat, we can watch and enjoy it!!!" "Do Tommy first," someone yelled out, "it looks like he has a big one!!! This comment was met with regales of laughter, which quickly turned to oohs and ahhhs as Candy slid Tommy's panties down to his ankles!!! "Hey, Amanda," Jill called out, "how does it feel to get fucked by that big cock!?!" Amanda chuckled and replied, "Well girls, as you know, Tommy and I have just gotten married and as of yet he hasn't earned the right to put his erection into my vagina, but he's getting there!!!" "Wow, Jill shot back, "you have more will power than I do!!!" "Well," Priscilla rejoined, "how would you like to be his first, Jill?!?" "Really," Jill asked excitedly, "are you serious!?!" "Of course" Priscilla replied, "he's yours for the taking, would anyone like to have Jack suck her pussy!?!" While everyone's hands shot up in unison, Priscilla commented to Amanda, "This is going to be a very successful party!!!"