"How are you feeling this morning, dear," Valerie asked her eighteen year old daughter, Jill as she sat down to eat her breakfast!?! "Uh, pretty good I suppose," Jill replied after taking a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice, "why do you ask!?!" "Now let's not get into that again," her mother said in a exasperated tone of voice, "you know what the doctor said, at least two hard orgasms a day!!!" "Oh, mom, I know what he said, but I'm already late for school," she whined!!! "Now you listen to me young lady, you're not leaving this house until you've had a good hard climax, do I make myself clear!?!" "Yes, mom," Jill replied sullenly, "what ever you say!!!" "Well, that's better," her mother replied, "do you want to do it yourself or do you need some help!?!" After thinking about it for a few seconds Jill replied softly, "I think you'd better help me, mom, I think it might go faster!!!"

Valerie led Jill by the arm into the den where she nodded to the chair and said, "Slip off your panties and sit down, okay dear!?!" Without answering, Jill reached up under her skirt and with a quick tug, pulled her white cotton panties down to her ankles where she easily stepped out of them and plopped down into the big easy chair, while at the same time hiking up her skirt and spreading her legs wide apart!!! "Me goodness, Jill," her mother asked in surprised voice, "when did you shave your vagina, you look as smooth as a baby!?!" "Frannie did it for me last night," Jill replied while giving her slit a quick fingering, "how do you like it!?!" "Mmmmm, I don't know, it sure looks different," her mother replied, "let me think about it for awhile, I'm still used to your being really hairy!!!" "Well Frannie says it makes it easier for her to suck me," Jill exclaimed!!! "I'm not to sure of that," Valerie intoned, "I kinda liked getting my nose tickled by all that fur!!!" Jill chuckled a bit and said, "Well anyway, I running late, so could we please get started!?!" "Okay, okay," her mother sighed as she let her mouth drop onto her daughter's puffy vagina, "anything you say!!!"

"Oh, my that feels good," Jill moaned softly, "you know just how I like it!!!" Between licks her mother replied, "Well I should, after all you are my daughter!!!" "Yeah," Jill sighed, "but I don't think any of my friend's moms do them as well as you do me!!!" "Well thank you for the compliment, dear," her mother replied, "but I don't think any of them taste as sweet as you do!!!" "What about Beth," Jill asked!?! "What about her," Valerie asked!?! "Oh come on, now," Jill replied, "She told me all about how you sucked her off last summer when I was away at camp!!!" Guiltily her mother lowered her eyes and whispered, "Don't be mad at me for that, it was just that I missed sucking a young vagina so badly, and you were going to be gone for two whole weeks, and well, Beth just happened to come over and well, you know the rest.............." Jill reached down and tousled her mother's hair and replied softly, "I'm just kidding, mom, I know how much you love sucking young cunt, and by the way, Beth said that you were very good!!!" Valerie was about to reply to her daughter's little comment, but she could instinctively sensing that her hot little cunt was about to explode, she bored in hard on Jill's erect little clit, and seconds later her oldest daughter was climaxing hard into her mouth!!!