"Well excuse me young man," the old biddy snapped at Jason as he wedged his way onto the 151 line bus on his way to the Loop!!! "I'm sorry ma'am," he replied, "I didn't mean to bump into you, but it's pretty crowded today!!!" She glared at him over the top of her paper and then resumed her reading while shaking her head in disgust!!! "Geesh," he muttered, "it looks like it's gonna be one of those days!!!" The bus swayed back and forth as it wended its way down Clark St., occasionally stopping to pick up or drop off passengers along the way! Jason had pretty much forgotten about the incident with the old lady until she got up out of her seat and practically barged over him on her way to the rear exit door, where she pulled the stop cord next to the door while giving Jason one last nasty glance!!! That was it, he had enough of the old bag, so while concentrating on her crotch he thought, "Itch, itch like a hoard of ants, make her scratch it and make her dance!!!" Almost immediately he could see the discomfort spread across her face while she desperately tried crossing her legs to relieve the incredible itching that had all at once engulfed her vaginal area!!! The bus coasted to a stop at Arlington Place, and the last thing he saw while looking out the window was the old lady sitting down on the bus stop bench with her hand up her dress furiously itching her burning cunt while passerby's on the street stared as they walked to and from work!!! "Serves her right," Jason thought, "next time I'll make the old bitch masturbate right on the bus!!!"

Ever since he was small Jason was able to influence other people's behavior by merely thinking about it and placing the image in the victim's mind!!! He had decided early on that he would never use his power to cheat people out of their money or property, but using their bodies was a whole other kettle of fish!!! He stopped at the receptionist's desk to see if he had any messages, and just like he had done for the past three years, he induced the cute little blonde sitting behind the desk to raise the hem of her skirt and show him her pussy clad vagina!!! "Say, Cheryl," he said while she held up her skirt, "did your husband fuck you last night or did you just suck him off!?!" We did both," she giggled, "and he came in my mouth and I swallowed it all down!!!" That's very good, dear," Jason whispered, ""now be a good girl an go into the rest room and masturbate until you cum, do you understand me!?!" "What's not to understand," she replied while getting up out of her chair, "I have to leave and go masturbate, see you later Jason!!!" Jason just shook his head and chuckled as he headed down the long corridor to his office, after three years the kid still frigs herself to orgasm every morning and doesn't have a clue on why she does it!!! His mood was much better now that he had played his little game with Cheryl, but that had only whetted his appetite for more adventurous fun!!!