"I'm from Central Cable Company," the voice in the intercom said, "you called in and saying you 're having a problem with your reception!!!" "I'll buzz you in," Erin replied, "I'm in apartment 1308, come right on up!!!" "Finally," Erin said to her room mate, Shawna, "you don't realize how much you miss television until you don't have it!!!" Shawna looked up from her magazine and said with a laugh, "You are turning into a couch potato, hon, the only exercise you've been getting lately is from using the remote control!!!" After making at face at her friend, Erin went out into the living room to answer the door when she heard the bell ringing! "Come on in, the cable box is over here," she said to the thirtyish blonde repair woman, "some of the channels are fine, but most of them are snowy!!!" The blonde gave her a quick smile and replied, "No problem, I think I know what wrong, but it will take me a while to fix it!!!" As the blonde opened up her tool box, Erin asked, "How about some coffee, it's pretty cold outside and it looks like you've had a long day!?!" "Yeah," she replied, "that sounds pretty good, and by the way, my name is Andie!!!" "I'm Erin," she replied, "and this is Shawna," she said while nodding at her roomie who had just come out of the bedroom!!!" "Glad to meet you both," she said while opening up the control box!!!

After about twenty minutes, Andie asked, "Are there any more televisions in the apartment, this one in the living room checks out okay!?!" "Uh, just in the bedroom," Shawna replied, "come one, I'll show you!!!" Once in the bedroom, it only took a few minutes for Andie check and make sure all of the stations were coming in properly, when she was finished, she asked, "any other bedrooms!?!" "Nope, that's it," Erin replied!!! Andie glanced over to the large queen size bed, and quickly deduced that Erin and Shawna shared a bed together, and probably much more, so deciding to take a chance, she asked evenly, "Which one of you is the dom!?!" Momentarily stunned by such a personal question, Erin stammered, "W-why I don't think that's any of your business, now please leave if you're finished!!!" "I see," Andie replied, "you're both fems, I shoulda guessed it right away, I must be slipping, and by the way, honey, don't ever order me around again or you'll get it, do you understand me!?!"