"What's the matter, Jan," Alana asked while maneuvering her new SUV through suburban traffic, "you haven't said three words since we left home, and if I didn't know better I'd say that you look a little flushed!?!" Lost in though, Jan didn't even acknowledge Alana's question until she felt her friend give her a poke in the ribs and repeat her question!!! "Uh, oh sorry, I wasn't paying attention," Jan replied, "I was just thinking!!!" "Thinking," she shot back, "about what, for god's sakes, we're two women of age and we're going shopping using our husband's money, now tell me, what in the heck could be better than that!?!" Jan threw her head back and gave a short laugh but then replied staidly, "Well, I guess I am a little bit in the dumps, Hank had to leave the house early today and I just miss him that's all!!!" They drove in silence for a minute or so until Alana offered, "So you missed out on your morning sugar, huh!?!" Jan looked over at her friend and just rolled her eyes before saying, "You're incorrigible, do you know that!?!" Alana made a show of acting hurt and answered, "Me, what ever are you talking about, all I did was make a perfectly reasonable observation, nothing more or nothing less, that's all!!!"

Jan was about to make another retort but quickly thought better of it while realizing that arguing with Alana was at best losing proposition and at worst hopeless, so for the next ten minutes the only sounds in the care were those of the radio! Finally when she couldn't stand it another second, Alana asked softly, "Are you really in pain, babe?!?" Since Hank had skipped out on their morning session of love making, Alana's pussy was absolutely on fire, and in a display of overt sexuality, she silently pulled up her skirt and exposed the bulging lips of her vagina to Alana and then whispered, "I-I'm in really bad shape, honey, do you think you could help me out?!?" With her eyes practically popping out of her head, Alana returned her attention back to the road and replied, "Hold on, babe, we're almost to the mall, just wait until I can get us parked, okay!?!" With little beads of sweat now breaking out on her forehead, Jan said softly, "Please hurry, just look at me, I can't hold back much longer!!!"