The big Cat groaned as it dug into the hillside with its sharp scraper blade, crisscrossing the side of the hill like a bright yellow prehistoric spider taking tons of dirt into its gaping maw with each pass. Katie Arden operated the huge piece of equipment with the skill of a surgeon, deftly maneuvering the big earth mover like it was the family car. At first the other operators were skeptical of her ability to handle one of the big rigs, but grudgingly they had to admit that she could do the job as well, if not better than most them! While it had taken awhile, she was now pretty much considered one of the "guys", and was usually included in the horseplay and joking around that came with the territory. From the time she was a little girl Katie had been fascinated with heavy equipment. Much to the chagrin of her parents, she ignored the usual feminine pursuits, and as soon as she graduated from high school she enrolled in a heavy equipment operator's school. Six months later she had her union card and was driving a packer on a new highway just outside of her home town. It was during her time in heavy equipment school that Katie made a startling if not pleasant discovery, the constant vibration that hummed from the motor all the way up to the cab could induce orgasms in her vagina if she held her cunt in the right position of the seat! The first time it happened, she barely was able to keep control of her tractor! As she became more familiar with the equipment, it was easy for her to have as many as three or four climaxes a day by shifting her vagina so her clit could get the maximum effect of the vibrating motor!!!

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