"All finished, Mr. Hancock, how do you think it looks," asked Steve. Bob Hancock surveyed the freshly painted walls and opined, "Great job my boy, we hadn't had a good paint job in over ten years, and the place was pretty dreary!" "Good," Steve replied, "I'll just get all my equipment out of here and while I'm doing that, you can look over the bill, okay!?!"

Ten minutes later, Steve came back into the kitchen, and was surprised to see Mr. Hancock still pouring over the bill! "Any problems, sir," Steve asked? "No, no problem at all," the old man replied, I was just wondering......" as his voice trail off. "Sir," asked Steve? "Your bill is for $1750.00, correct," questioned Mr. Hancock?!? "Uh, yes," Steve replied slowly, "that's the price we agreed on before I started the job!!!" "And you'd like me to make out a check for that amount, am I right," Bob asked?!? "Well, yes," Steve replied, unsure of where this conversation was leading! "I've made out your check, here it is," Bob replied, while sliding it across the kitchen table to Steve, "but before you accept it, I want you to know that I've made out another check!!!" "Another check," Steve asked, now more confused than before?!? "Yes, another check, but this one for $3500.00!!!" "But why," Steve asked, "our deal was only for $1750.00!?!" "That was for work performed, while the new check is for past work done plus new work to be agreed upon," Bob answered!!! "Oh," Steve sighed, "you have more painting that needs to be done?!?" "No, nothing like that at all," Bob Hancock continued, "but I assure you that the duties required of you would be very pleasant, and only require several hours of your time!!!" Steve had a quizzical look on his face and asked then asked slowly, "You mean that you'll pay me double for just two hours more work, what's the catch!?!" "No catch," the old man replied, "in two hours from right now, you can walk out of here with $3500.00, no questions asked!!!" "Okay," Steve replied cautiously, "what do I have to do to earn an extra seventeen hundred and fifty bucks?!?"

Mr. Hancock leaned back in his wheel chair, licked his lips, and began, "Of course you've noticed that I'm confined to a wheel chair, and have been for over twenty five years!" "It was my distinct misfortune to have been involved in a serious automobile accident that crushed my spinal cord, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down," he continued, "this has resulted in my inability to, how should I say this, uh, perform in the bed room, if you get my meaning!?!" Steve sat transfixed, still unable to figure why a man would bare his soul in this way to a stranger, but he had agreed to listen, so he just nodded his head and waited for Mr. Hancock to continue. "That brings me to the crux of this conversation," Bob went on, "you have met my wife Marianne, and for all these years she has remained faithful to our marriage vows, even though a big hole had been left in her physical life!!!" "When we are together, in bed," he stumbled on, "I take care of her the best I can, and although she is satisfied, she misses oh so much what I can't give her!!!" "We both talked it over, and came to the conclusion that you would be the perfect solution to our problem, that being, if you're willing, to take it upon yourself to physically satisfy Marianne in the bed room!!!" Steve , totally stunned at the turn of the conversation, just sat there in silence, while trying to collect his thoughts!!! Bob Hancock could see his consternation and continued, "If you don't feel comfortable doing this, we understand completely, and there's no hard feelings!!!"

"Let me get this straight," Steve asked, "you want me to, uh, do your wife for you, is that it!?!" "No," Bob replied firmly, "for her, not me, she is a very passionate woman who deserves to feel like one again, and I hope you will fulfill her wishes!!!" "It would be just her and me," Steve said, "you wouldn't be involved!!!" "That's right," he replied, "but she wants me to watch and feel like I'm part of it, but I would stay in the back ground!!!" Steve leaned back in his chair, rubbed his chin, thought about it for a minute or so and asked, "Where is your wife?!?" "She's in the bedroom naked and under the covers, if you decide you want to, do it now!!!" Steve looked down at the two checks, picked up the one for $3500.00 and said, "Okay, let's go!!!"