"Geesh," Marge said to herself as she hopped out of bed and padded off to the bathroom, "this is three nights in a row for this," while plopping her plush bottom on the toilet seat and relieving her bladder of its contents. She flushed the john and was almost to her bedroom door when she heard a strange noise coming from her daughter's room. She stopped and pushed the door open and listened quietly, when all at once Katie made a soft moan and began to talking to herself! "Oh my god," she thought, "my little girl is masturbating!!!" The moaning grew louder as Katie approached her orgasm, and it was all Marge could do to keep from reaching in side of her pajamas and doing her own clit!!! Back in her own bed, Pete rolled over and mumbled, "Where have you been, you were gone a long time?" "You're not gonna believe this," Marge replied, "but I just heard Katie having an orgasm!!!" That woke her husband right up and he asked, "Are you sure!?!" "Well, it sounded like the "Big O" to me," Marge replied, "and I have to say that I got dripping wet just listening to her!!!" Pete rolled on top of his wife of nineteen years and slid his hard cock into her pussy and said, "Did you like hearing her cum!?!" "Oh, yes," Marge gasped as her husband's cock drove into her pussy, "I think she's gonna be just like me, and need a cock all the time!!!" That was all Pete had to here, because his nut sack tightened and a torrent of cum filled his wife's cunt while he thought about his eighteen year old daughter fingering her little sweet cunt!!!

"How do you want your eggs, dear," Marge asked Katie, while she was setting the table? "Uh, scrambled," Katie replied, "and some toast too!!!" "You always eat a big breakfast on Saturday, don't you," her mother commented?!? "Yeah, I guess I do, it's just a habit," Katie replied, " I'm really not that hungry!" "Well," Marge went on, "you're a growing girl and you need your nourishment!!!" "By the way," Marge said casually, while stirring the eggs, "I just happened to be going to the bathroom last night and I heard you making a little noise!!!" Out of the corner of her eye Marge could see the red rising in her daughter's cheeks, so she carefully went on, "After listening to you, I go so excited, that I went back to our room and had daddy fuck me until I came too!!!" "Y-y-you're not mad at me," Katie stumbled?!? Turning to face her daughter, Marge replied, "Of course not, dear, what you did was perfectly natural and normal for a girl your age, I would be more worried if you didn't care about sex!!!" "Sex is a beautiful thing," Marge continued, "and I want to make sure that you enjoy it to its fullest, so I'm going to ask you a few questions, okay?!?" A relieved Katie gushed, "Sure, mom, ask away!!!"

"When you were masturbating, what were you thinking about!?!" Katie fidgeted around in her chair and replied, "It's kinda embarrassing, promise you won't laugh!?!" "I promise," Marge replied solemnly, "cross my heart!!!" "Well," Katie said softly, "I was thinking about having boys show me their, you know, their penises!!!" "That's not embarrassing at all," Marge responded, "that's exactly what most women think about, now I know that when we taught you about sex, that we told you a boy's organ was called a penis, and that's exactly what its clinical name is, but as you get older and you're referring to it in a sexual way, you should call it a cock, dick, or pecker!!!" Mmmmmm," Katie hummed, "cock does sound a whole lot neater than penis!!!" Marge laughed and added, "And by the way, your father has a very large cock indeed!!!"