It was the wee hours of the morning in cell block D, and Jud Olson was in the middle of his second tour around tier three. All the lights were out, and it was so quiet that he could hear the rhythmic breathing of the inmates as he passed each cell. He checked his security punch clock, and its red numerals glowed back that it was 2:03AM, "Right on time," he whispered to himself, as he continued his rounds. Occasionally stopping to make sure that a door was indeed locked, he moved quietly through corridor, until he came to cell 213. He stopped in front of the cell and in a low voice whispered, "Peters, you awake!?!" Out of the shadows stepped a thirty eight year old female dressed in a tee shirt an panties. "Okay, baby," Jud ordered softly, let's make it snappy, I've got a schedule to keep!!!" On the other side of the bars, Donna Peters dropped to her knees and waited impatiently while the night guard unzipped his trousers and pulled out his semi erect cock. "Is this what you want, cunt," he ask wickedly, as she strained to suck the big pecker into her mouth!?! All he got in response were the loud sucking noises of a bitch in heat, a bitch that hadn't had a cock in over six months!!! Jud stood silently for about three minutes, until finally he thrust his crotch forward and emptied his nut sack deep into the cock hungry inmate's mouth, and after grudgingly giving up her prize, Jud slipped his cock back into his pants and continued with his rounds.

While she had enthusiastically sucked her first cock in half a year, her cunt was now totally wired and ready to explode, and since the oral devotion she had bestowed on Jud had only fanned the flame that burned in her loins, she lay back down in her bunk and let her fingers bury themselves in a very squishy cunt!!! As she lay there jerking her clit, and thinking about the load of cum she had swallowed just moments before, her cell mate, Cindy whispered hoarsely, "You gonna finally let me do it for you honey, my mouth can do you just as well as you did him!?!" In the six months she had been in prison, Donna had rebuffed all of the advances of her cell mate, but now, at this moment, the thought of having a mouth on her pussy was just too much, and in low voice she replied, "Okay, but make it quick, I'm hot as a fucking fire cracker!!!" In what seemed like just a second, Cindy scrambled off the top bunk and plopped her mouth directly against her very wet vagina! Donna made an "oomph" sound when Cindy's tongue snaked into her steaming quim, and after only a minute or so of expertly administered oral servitude, Donna arched her back and thrust her hips forward as her orgasm rocketed through her well lubricated cunt!!!