Jack Deavers was setting up the video tape machine when the students to his advanced honors course in ancient Egyptian history came strolling into the class room. Becky Ford, a cute little brunette piped up as she took her seat in the front row, "Are we gonna see a movie today, Mr. Deavers?" As he made the final adjustments to the machine, he nodded his head and replied, "We're going to see a film on the excavation of the pyramids, I hope you'll like it!" The rest of the class was by now in their seats, and they chatted quietly while waiting for the movie to begin. There were only ten students in this advanced class, so each one got quite a bit of individual attention. Mr. Deavers gave a short introduction on the what to look for in the film, and then after turning off the over head lights, he started the video machine and then took a seat in the rear of the class room.

The movie opened with shot of King Tut's tomb and Mr. Deavers checked out each student to make sure that they were paying attention. It was very important that everyone paid attention, because buried in the film on ancient Egypt, were single frames that had absolutely nothing to do with antiquity!!! Mr. Tom Deavers had surreptitiously inserted frames of film that were designed to put the entire class in a hypnotic state! Much like movie house owners did in the forties and fifties, that being inserting pictures of popcorn, soda, and candy to influence the audience into buying more refreshments, Deavers had spliced in frames that would put the class in a very state that would make them very vulnerable to outside suggestion! The first portion of the film was set up to get control, while the last part made real suggestions to each individual student! When the film came to and end, Tom Deavers shut off the machine and turned on the lights, and much to his utter amazement, just as they were instructed to do, all three boys had their heads down on their desks and were quietly sleeping!!! Taking his seat behind his desk, he realized that unless everyone was "under", he couldn't go on with his little game, and although all seven girls had a glassy eyed look on their faces, just to be sure in had them all, Tom snapped his fingers and all seven of them lay their heads down on their desks and went instantly to sleep! "So far, so good," he muttered excitedly out loud! Now for the acid test, "Jennifer," he said forcefully, "do what that the movie told you to do," and as if by magic, the twenty year old junior sat up and walked to the front of the room, whereupon, thinking that she was in the rest room, lifted up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and slipped in a tampon in her plump almost hairless pussy!!! Tom watched in utter fascination as the pretty young girl openly exposed herself with out giving it a second thought!!!