"How many do we have right now," asked Mr. Ross? "Nine, we sent out two yesterday, but we have enough to fill our remaining orders," replied Miss Forbes, "now if we get any more calls, however, then we'll have to get some more "product"!!!" Nate Ross took the clip board from his assistant and while checking off the names of each woman on the list he asked, "How soon will number six be ready, I got a call from the buyer yesterday, and he wants to know how soon he can expect delivery!?!" Nina Forbes took back her clip board and rejoined, "Well, let's go see how she's doing, we can tell better if we check her out in person!" Together they walked down the corridor until they came to room 303, where Nina pulled out her pass key, unlocked the door, and entered the room with her boss. Lying on a hospital bed, was a twenty eight year old female, who looked at the two visitors with expectant eyes. Nina went over to the bed and pulled back the covers to reveal a very attractive body, while the "patient", who was named Joy, was strapped to the bed so that she could not move her arms or legs, she was totally immobile. Connected to a computer controlled machine, were a series of wires that ran to sensory attachments that were connected to Joy's body, with one on each nipple, and another hooked directly to her clitoris, while her ass hole had a huge butt plug that stuffed her almost beyond her ability to stand it!!!

Nina checked the settings on the computer and announced, "Maybe in a week or so, she's getting close!" Nate also gave the instruments a check, and asked, "Let's see what she can do so I can give the buyer a progress report, okay?!?" "No problem," answered Nina, as she turned her attention back to the woman on the bed. "Joy, dear," she asked softly, "how do you feel, do you need to cum?!?" In an even softer voice, the young woman pleaded, "Please, let me cum, I can't stand it, I'll do anything, just please let me cum!!!" "Yes, Joy," Nina replied, "but first you have to do your job, now suck Mr. Ross for me, okay dear!?!" Joy turned her gaze to Nate and automatically opened her mouth while waiting for his penis. Nate slid his cock out and soon he was getting one of the best blow jobs he had ever experienced!!! No matter how many times these bitches sucked him off, it was like the next one was the best he ever had!!! He had to give Nina credit, every woman that went through the program was a cock sucking genius and a true cock hound!!! After his balls emptied into Joy's hot mouth, and Nina had wiped the young woman's lips of dripping sperm, she quickly adjusted the computer to send enough current to the sensory receptors to allow Joy to achieve her orgasm. It was the same in all of the other rooms in the "clinic", each woman was restrained and connected to a machine that kept her on the edge of orgasm, but never allowed her to reach it until she satisfied her masters desires!!! It was in a way, a brutal form of sensory deprivation, with the women being kept on a sexual precipice and not allowed to get off until they had performed their duty! By the time they left the center, they would trained to satisfy their new master's every sexual whim with out batting an eye! Joy, here, had been at the center for almost a month now, and was close to becoming a sexual automan for her new owner!!!