"Please sit down," Nancy said to Miss Danon, "would you care for some coffee?" "This isn't a social call, Mrs. Wyatt," Ellie Danon shot back stiffly, I want to keep this meeting to strictly business!" "Uh, sure," Nancy stammered, "I just thought...." Ignoring the flustered woman, Ellie Danon opened up her brief case and pulled out a thick file, the Nancy could see had the name "Wyatt" spelled out in big red letters. After opening the file and thumbing through a few pages, Miss Danon place the file on the kitchen table, crossed her arms, and said, "Your eight months behind in your mortgage payments, and from what I can see, you have absolutely no way making up what you already owe, let alone all your future obligations!" Nancy fidgeted in her seat, while waiting for Miss Danon to finish. "Now," Miss Danon continued, "I feel that the bank's only option is to repossess, but if you have anything to add, I'm listening!" "Well," Nancy stumbled, "you see, we've had a lot of bad luck lately, with my husband's passing away, and I've been sick and missed a lot of work...." "Yes, yes, yes," Miss Danon interrupted, "all of that's in your file, and much as I sympathize with your predicament, the bank is certainly not a charitable institution, and even though your mother carried you for nine months, we at Bank & Trust will not!!!" Nancy was just about to respond, when her eighteen year old daughter Erin came into the kitchen to get a snack. "How's it going, mom," Erin asked, as she poured herself a glass of milk?" "Uh, okay, dear," her mom replied, "could you please excuse us honey, we still have a lot to go over?!?" "No prob," Erin answered, "I'll be in watching television!" As Erin left the kitchen, Ellie Danon couldn't take her eyes off the ass of the cute teenager, and asked, "What's her name!?!" "Erin," came the quick reply, "she's my one and only!!!" ""She's very pretty," commented Miss Danon, "how old is she!?!" "She'll be nineteen in about three weeks," Nancy responded, while Miss Danon, still looking at the open door Erin had just passed through, just said, "Hmmmmm!"

The two women then went back and forth, until Miss Danon finally said, "This is getting us nowhere, I'm afraid I'll have to ask the board to commence fore closure proceedings against your property!!!" Even though she had know for months that this was day was coming, it was still a shock to actually hear it out loud, and with all of her frustrations and fears bubbling to the surface, Nancy Wyatt broke down and sobbed!!! Ellie Danon let Nancy go on for a good two minutes before she quietly interjected, "There maybe is a way we could stall this thing, but it's entirely up to you!!!" Nancy stopped crying almost immediately and asked in a stuttering voice, "H-how can I stop it, I don't have any money!?!" "Well," Miss Danon said, obviously choosing her words very carefully, "you have a very beautiful daughter, and I happen to have a weak spot for, how shall we say it, the younger things in life!!!" Nancy sat there in stunned silence, not sure that she had heard Miss Danon correctly!!! "Y-y-you mean to say that you want my daughter.....," Nancy replied with her voice tailing off!?! Miss Danon didn't respond to Nancy's question, instead she sat silently, while staring intently back at Nancy! Nancy recoiled at the suggestion, and was about to respond when Erin came back into the kitchen and said, "Sorry, but I forgot my cookie!" Ellie Danon again couldn't take her eyes off the young stunner, and mentally undressed the teenage nymph with her eyes!!! After Erin went back into the living room, Miss Danon turned to Nancy and said evenly, "I either have her, or you're out tomorrow!!!" "I can't," Nancy wailed, "she'd never do it!!!" "Well," Ellie Danon responded, "we won't know until you ask her, will we!?!" With a shrug of her shoulders, Nancy went into the living room to explain the situation!