Gwen Turner sat nervously while she waited for Miss Alden to read her resume'. "Hmmm," she hummed while flipping the pages slowly, stopping now and then to take some notes that she scribbled on a yellow legal notepad on her desk. When she was finished she closed the resume', removed her reading glasses, leaned back in her chair and asked, "Why do you want to work for Mr. Valentine, Miss Turner? Gwen had experienced enough job interviews to know when you could and couldn't bs someone, and April Alden didn't seem to be the kind that would fall for any half ass story, so she decided to tell the truth. "For the money ma'am," she replied quickly, I need to make some money, and this pays far more than anything else I could find!" "A reasonable answer," replied Miss Alden, "but are you aware of, how shall I say this, the extent of your duties!?!" Looking a little flustered, Gwen stammered, "Well, ma'am, I heard that if you work for Mr. Valentine, that you have to have sex with him!!!" There, it was out in the open, now Gwen just sat back and waited to see what Miss Alden had to say about that!!! "You are partially correct, but it goes much farther than that, I'm afraid," Miss Alden continued, "you see, if you go to work for Mr. Valentine, while you are on duty, you will be expected to be naked every minute, and that you will be at the beck and call of not only Mr. Valentine, but anyone else he sees fit to also have you!!!" Gwen let that sink in for a minute, as that last part about "anyone else he sees fit" was a little bit of a surprise to her! As she gathered her thoughts, April Alden seemed to read her mind, because she interjected, "If you are worried that he will sic some pig on you for his entertainment, don't, Mr. Valentine wants all of his employees to be happy and comfortable, and making you perform with someone that was unappealing or gross would not be in keeping with his modus operandi!!!" Gwen was grateful to hear that, and noticeably relaxed and let April Alden continue with her orientation. "Now, as you mentioned the pay is very good," April went on, "and very good is not good enough description to describe it!!!" You will be paid one hundred dollars for every hour you are on duty and you will usually work at least eight hours a day, not bad for mostly just showing off your body, are you still interested in going on," asked April?!? "Yes," replied Gwen, "very interested, what's the next step?!?"