The hurt always seemed to be just below the surface, ready to be torn open with even the most innocent of comments. She remembers as if it were just yesterday, her high school days, the snide remarks by her "friends", the cruel barbs that left permanent scars! She especially thought of those days when she was performing her thrice a week chore of shaving her legs! Along with her beautiful olive skin, the slightly drooping heavy breasts, the flat tummy, and plush ass, came the "curse" of incredibly thick black hair! Now if it were only confined to the top of her head, and she did possess a mane of long thick tresses, she would have been more than happy with her appearance, unfortunately, that was not the case, as black fur seemed to sprout a will over a large portion of her body!!! From her waist down, it was a constant battle to control the unbelievably thick growth of unwanted hair!!! Even though she shaved her legs three times a week, by the end of the first day, a hard stubble already could be seen with the naked eye, and if she went a week without using a razor, from across the room you could barely see her skin!!! That wasn't even the worst of it, because her pussy was so thick with hair, you couldn't even see her vaginal lips unless you physically spread then with your fingers!!! Even her tummy wasn't immune, as a trail of dark hair ran from her cunt all the way up to her naval!!! It was so embarrassing, that all the way through college, her dates always ended with just a good night kiss or maybe a little petting in the back seat of a car, but never would she allow a man to see what she had hiding under her skirt, that was until now........................

"Got your cabin ready, Miss Pappas, same one as last year," Mrs. Ives said cheerily, "hope the weather's better though, if I recall it rained every day you were here last time!!!" "Thanks, but the rain didn't really bother me," Faye Pappas replied, "I really come up here just to get away from the city and for some peace and quiet!" "Well, we've got plenty of that, only a few of the other cabins have guests," Mrs. Ives replied, "but I expect you'll be meeting them soon enough, now here's your key, have a nice vacation, dear!" Faye's cabin was clean and neat, with a slight odor of cleanser in the air. After hanging her clothes up, she opened the windows to air the place out and decided to go for a walk down by the lake. It was only about four o'clock, so she had plenty of time to check out the scenery before supper time. Faye zipped up her jacket and stuck her hands in the pockets as a heavy breeze seemed to lower the temperature by a good fifteen degrees. She made her way down the tree lined path to the glistening waters of Elbow Lake which shone in the fading sun like diamonds on a necklace! Picking up a stone, she skipped it across the rippling waters and counted out loud, "One, two, three, four, not bad for my first throw!" From behind her a male voice startled her when it said, "Not bad indeed!!!" Faye spun around only to be confronted by the smiling face of a man who appeared to be about her own age.