September 1 Dear Diary, First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Becky Ford and I can't believe I started my last year of high school today! I learned that there are over 600 students in my class, and over 2400 in the whole school, I doubt I'll ever get to know all of them, I just hope to recognize a few of them!!! They said that the senior year is the easiest one of all, I don't believe it!!! My locker mate seems nice enough, but we don't have any classes together, so I only see her a couple of times a day. Geesh, for the first day they really pile on the home work, so I'm closing off for the night, bye now!!!

September 5 Dear Diary, Survived my first week as a senior, a major accomplishment!!! Made two new friends this week, Hillary and Emma, they're both a little nuts, but who isn't! Our schedules just seemed to mesh, so we spend a lot of time together walking between classes and eating lunch together. Emma said we're together so much that we ought to adopt the nickname of the "Three Amigos"! Like I said, they're a little nuts!!! Going to a party tomorrow night, all three of us are invited, hope it's fun. That's all for today, seeya later, bye!

September 10 Dear Diary, Had a blast at the party, drank my first beer of the year!!! It was an out door affair, by the host's pool, really neat! The only trouble came when one of the guys got pushed into the water, and before ya knew it three more followed him in!!! Geri's dad, came out and broke it up and sent those four packing!!! It was really funny though! Started gym class this week, I was pretty nervous in the locker room, being so skinny and all. I really hurried to get changed, but some of those better developed girls liked to parade around naked, it was a little embarrassing!!! I had to admit, that some of them have great bodies, and a tall brunette named Jennifer is built like a Playboy model!!! Her chest was huge and her pubic hair was shaped like a perfect vee! One of the other girls kept kidding her about the size of her clit, but even though I tried to sneak a peek, I couldn't see that hers was any bigger than anyone elses!!! Well, I have a lot of homework to do, so good night, bye!