October 2 Dear Diary, We all got together this afternoon to map out strategies for seeing a big cock! Ems said that she has seen her dad's cock when he came out of the bath room after a shower, but it wasn't hard at the time!! All of the guys we saw on line had been circumcised, but she said her dad's cock had the head covered by loose skin!!! Said she liked the looks of the ones in the pictures better cuz the heads were always uncovered! Talking about that stuff made us all hot, so we pulled our panties down and masturbated together! For the first time we all came at the same time!!! Wow, it was awesome!!! Well anyway, we decided that it would be easier to get a boy our own age to show us his cock, so we decided to try Gary Ownes, cuz he's kinda dorky and would probably jump at the chance to take his pants off in front of us!!! One other thing, we'll probably have to show him our pussies, but that's a trade we're willing to make!!! Night now, bye!

October 6 Dear Diary, Success!!! To make a long story short, Ems cornered him after lunch and talked him into coming over to her house after school to work on a class project together! She walked him home, and we were there waiting for them on her front porch when she they got there!!! We all went up to Ems' room, and plopped down on the floor and listened to music on her CD player. It was really funny watching Gary fidget around, wondering what in the heck he was doing there!!! You should have seen his face when Hills, who else, casually complained that she was too hot and then removed her jeans!!! I thought his eyes would pop out of his head, and that was with her panties still on!!! She made sure to keep her legs apart and her pussy thrust forward to give him the best view possible!!! When ever he thought we were looking at him, he would drop his gaze to the floor and avoid eye contact!!! It was sooooooo funny!!! He never had a clue what was going on!!! When the CD came to an end, Ems asked Gary to go over and put on a new one!!!