November 3 Dear Diary, It's getting cold outside! I love the holidays, but I have more pressing things to think about right now! Gary keeps wanting to fuck us, and we keep putting him off! I can tell that Emma is really close to giving in to him, she is so in love with his pecker!!! I'm not saying that Hillary and I aren't turned on to his cock too, it's just that Ems has turned into a little "cock hound"!!! When we have our masturbation sessions in her room, she has graduated to larger and larger objects into her pussy!!! Usually Hills and I just use our fingers on our clits, but not Ems, she wants that feeling of fullness, as she describes it, in her cunt!!! Well, have to do my home work now, bye!!!

November 11 Dear Diary, We still haven't given in and fucked Gary, but we did see two other people fucking!!! Hills folks rented a room in their basement to a college girl, and one night last week she had a boy over to study! Hills was pretty sure this would eventually happen, so she went into the girls room and arranged the shades and curtains so they looked closed but really weren't!!! When ever this girl, her name is Karen, would have company in her room, Hills would slip out and see what was going on in there!!! Well, it finally happened, she had a boy over, and the only studying they did was of each other's bodies!!! When Hills saw what was happening, she called Ems and me right away and we came right over!!! Diary, you should have seen it!!! We all three eighteen year olds quietly slipped up to the window and peered down into Karen's room!!!